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Vintage Morro Castle Postcard

Posted 2016-05-18 07:37:04 | Views: 2,481
A view of a lady sitting on a balcony with a Cuban flag looking towards Morro Castle Lighthouse in Havana, Cuba 1936. 

Spy vs Spy Comic Inspired by the Cold War

Posted 2016-05-16 11:52:29 | Views: 4,175
Cartoonist Antonio Prohias was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. He was known to be a prolific cartoonist on the island nation. He fled to the US in 1960, only three days before Fidel Castro's regime put the final nail in the coffin to the free press. 

Prohias became famous worldwide for creating the ironic Spy vs Spy comic strip for Mad Magazine. The legendary strip focused on two characters primarily, the Black spy and the White spy. These mysterious, mischievous agents try to kill each other in each monthly comic. Using all types of gadgets, bombs and tricks to outsmart the other. 

Cartoonist who created 
Spy vs Spy was inspired by Castro's paranoia of Cuban citizens being spies. 
These espionage activities, a true metaphor for the Cold War left a stamp on popular culture. In a 1983 interview with the Miami Herald, Prohías reflected on the success of Spy vs. Spy, stating, "The sweetest revenge has been to turn Fidel's accusation of me as a spy into a moneymaking venture." Prohias passed away in Miami on February 24th 1998 at the age of 77. He leaves behind a big family and his Spy vs Spy strip is still being reprinted in books and in advertising. Mad Magazine still publishes new strips of Spy vs Spy working with different artists. 

Flashback: Cuban Miami in 1986

Posted 2016-05-13 10:05:14 | Views: 2,701
Cuban Miami 
We have come a long way as a people new to this wonderful country. This amazing 1986 video comes from the Wolfson Archives and it captures a truly golden moment of what Americans think of Cuban food and what Cuban Americans think of American food. Gotta love the Kirby beans commercial and song jingle. Enjoy! 

The Cuban Pronunciation Guide to Miami Neighborhoods

Posted 2016-05-13 07:48:09 | Views: 43,234
The Cuban Pronunciation Guide to Miami Neighborhoods
Source: croquetica
We found this on a 'Miami' subreddit last night. Not only is it hilarious but it's so true. Miami is special for many reasons and how people speak is exceptional just like it's people. Which pronunciations have you heard before? 

Madonna's daughter Lourdes is Cuban American

Posted 2016-05-12 14:47:04 | Views: 6,465
did you know?: Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon is Cuban American
Could her name be anymore Westchester then Lourdes "Lola" Leon? Musical icon Madonna gave birth to Lola on Oct. 14th 1996. That would make her 19 years old. Her father Carlos Leon was born in Cuba in 1966. He was a personal trainer when he met Madonna and has become an accomplished actor. Even though the relationship between Leon and Madonna was short lived he treasures the child they made together. "I'm forever grateful to [Madonna] I have no regrets. I wouldn't change anything. I got the best thing out of that relationship, and that's my daughter. My daughter is everything to me." Lola has been known to shy away from the public eye, but this past March she agreed to be a model for Stella McCartney's latest campaign for her new perfume 'Pop'. The campaign promotes acceptance and conscious counterbalance to the negative aspects of social media.  
Madonna performing in Hialeah early 1980's

Madonna did not meet the father of her child many years later from when this photo was taken. But, it's still very cool to see someone like Madonna when she was starting out going into the belly of the beast and performing in nightclubs in Hialeah. She always had a love for Cubanos! 

US State Dept. addresses Cuban American travel controversy

Posted 2016-05-12 11:18:20 | Views: 2,624
us embassy made a mistake. 
us born Cuban Americans aren't Cubans after all. 
So, if you follow news on Cuba or have been following this blog you would of been aware of the huge controversy regarding US born Cuban Americans traveling to Cuba. Posted on the US Embassy website in plain sight about a week ago it stated that if you were born in the US of Cuban parentage that the Cuban government does not recognize you as an American citizen. People were going into a frenzy. Some even acting like it was a conspiracy by Miami's Cuban community opposed to current travel. Hogwash. I think it's safe to say nobody should really trust the power brokers in Cuba and the fact something of this magnitude was published on a the US embassy website was enough to set Cuban Americans off. 

First things first, we are Americans and going to a small communist island where they dictate if we are Americans or Cubans was utterly ridiculous but believable for Cuba's past actions. Well, turns out that it was all a big mistake and "typo" on the the embassy website.   
While Cuban Americans born in Cuba are classified by the Cuban government as solely Cuban and are denied certain rights when planning travel back to the island nation, Americans born to Cuban-born parents are not denied any rights. Children born in the United States to Cuban-born parents are classified as American and are treated as such.

On Thursday, a State Department Spokesperson acknowledged the inaccurate information posted on the United States Embassy in Havana's website.

"Through our Consular Information Program, the Department of State provides information to U.S. citizens traveling and residing abroad to assist them in making well-informed travel decisions. It was brought to our attention that we were providing inaccurate information on our website regarding children born in the U.S. to Cuban-born parents. We have corrected that inaccurate information,” the statement said.
From WSVN: 

La Malanga Resbala!

Posted 2016-05-09 17:45:36 | Views: 6,496
"La Malanga Resabala!" 
i love this song by palo! 
One of my favorite bands in Miami is the Cuban funk band PALO! Have you heard of them? If you haven't they play all around the city and they are best known to play at venues in Little Havana and are even Latin Grammy nominated! The band's founder Steve Roitstein worked in the past with legendary singers and musicians like Willy Chirino, Celia Cruz and many others. They are an amazing band to see live and they have the most catchy songs in Latin music today. The lyrics to this song are so fun. I promise it will be stuck in your mind for the rest of your week. Enjoy! 

Super Cubano: Malta con Leche Condensada

Posted 2016-05-09 12:48:05 | Views: 3,791
 So CubanMalta with Condensed Milk
There's nothing more Cuban then this sugary and malty drink. In some ways it's even too Cuban for some of us. Personally I could never fully get into the taste. But If you miss it or never had it before this video may engage your interest or memory of this signature treat. 

X-Men, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is Half Cuban

Posted 2016-05-06 14:07:18 | Views: 2,448
did you know?: movie director brett ratner is half cuban
Brett Ratner, the seasoned movie director/producer of such movies as the Rush hour films, X-Men: The Last Stand and countless other pictures and TV shows is the son of a Cuban immigrant. Ratner's mom Marsha fled the island nation with her family in the 1960's and made Miami Beach home. Ratner embraces his Cubano and jewish roots full time, as well as being from the 305. He was once a busboy at legendary 'The Forge' restaurant in Miami Beach. Even though his Spanish isn't very good we still give him a lot of love for what he's been able to do in Hollywood! 

Cuban Americans aren't Americans in Cuba

Posted 2016-05-06 10:37:03 | Views: 5,128
HAVANA (CBSMiami) – The U.S. Embassy has highlighted some bizarre practices by the Cuban government that could trip up Cuban-American citizens traveling to the island nation.

According to the U.S. Embassy, “The Government of Cuba does not recognize the U.S. nationality of U.S. citizens who are Cuban-born or are the children of Cuban parents.” Yes, you read that right. Cuba’s government will label you a full-blown Cuban even if you were born on U.S. soil.U.S. officials said Cuba may even force you to enter and depart using a Cuban passport.

While doing so wouldn’t hinder your U.S. citizenship, you still need your U.S. passport to enter and depart the United States.
cuban americans beware: 
visit cuba and the
 cuban government 
might not let you leave.

You can't even make this stuff up anymore. While opportunistic celebrities, fashion designers and artists flock to Cuba as this hip place to be, there are some real troubling realities for Cuban Americans wanting to visit the island. Some Cuban Americans to begin with only travel to the island to visit family and don't really vacation there in the more traditional sense of leisure travel. 

Well, now you can't even visit your family without the possibility of the Cuban government snatching away your right to leave. Yes, you heard right...if you were born in the US to Cuban born parents, Cuba does not recognize you as an American citizen. Cuban authorities can keep you in Cuba and make you join the military. If you are a teenager or within the age requirements you can be at risk the most for being drafted. This should outrage everyone in the US. We should expect more from our elected officials about how Cuban Americans who left everything behind from oppression should be treated. Turn off the reality TV and wake up! 

 “The Government of Cuba does not recognize the U.S. nationality of U.S. citizens who are Cuban-born or are the children of Cuban parents.”

Throwback Jueves!

Posted 2016-05-05 11:23:56 | Views: 2,291
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   Throwback jueves
This woman's face was on every shampoo bottle in Abuela's bathroom.  

Vanidades: Mami y Abuela's favorite Magazine

Posted 2016-05-05 10:21:44 | Views: 2,412
Vanidades: your cuban abuela's favorite Magazine

To celebrate Mother's Day we at Abuela Mami thought it was only natural to share something that many Cuban Americans may remember seeing around Abuela's or Mami's house growing up. If you had money problems (we all did at some point) then you only saw your beloved mom reading it at the checkout line at your local grocery store. What is that you say? Well, that's Vanidades magazine of course. Vanidades (Spanish for Vanities) is one of the largest Spanish language women's magazines in the world. 

It debuted in Cuba in 1931. It's been around for a long time! It started as a humor magazine but then it became a woman's magazine by the early 40's. When Fidel Castro and his band of Communist thugs took over Cuba, Vanidades like many other businesses in Havana fled the island and has been headquartered in Miami, FL ever since. This magazine reminds me so much of my mom. I hope this post holds a special place in your heart too. Here are some really old school vintage covers for your enjoyment and something to share with family. 

Do all Cubans have Efficiencies?

Posted 2016-04-28 16:33:12 | Views: 2,699

you know your cuban when your house in Kendall has an efficiency. 

Keep Hillary Clinton away from the Domino Table

Posted 2016-04-18 16:14:04 | Views: 2,987
hillary can't be trusted. 

 look at how she plays

Fast Food in Cuba

Posted 2016-04-18 14:51:03 | Views: 2,116
fast food in...