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Cuban Soda subscripiton box and T-Shirts!

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Coming very soon! New subscription option will allow you to receive your favorite Cuban American sodas every month. Pick by assortment or by favorites. Let us know what you think and if this something you want! Should we add other sodas from South America? Make sure to let us know what else you would like to see from us! 

A Clue for August Box of Abuela Mami/ Cuban goodies

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Here’s a little clue of our August box! This one is going fast. Have any ideas of what we are sending?  Shipping very soon. Abuelamami.com

New Cuban Care Package design

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introducing our brand new box 
design for Cuban goodies!!
Let us know what you think!

Diary of a Cuban who left Miami

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This is a funny but very true tale for many Cubans who decide to get out of dodge and move far away from Miami. Many do it with a sense of pride with a never look back attitude. But, like clockwork the cold weather will get the best of us! Check out this hilarious story by legendary Cuban standup comedian  Alvarez Guedes. Hope you understand Spanish because the audio is not in English. Enjoy my friends!   

Malta Ice Cream?

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The Son of Jose Marti

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 The Son of Jose Marti
Very little is spoken in Cuba of the son of José Marti.  His name was Jose Francisco Marti. In 1897 he joined the army under the orders of Calixto Garcia and ends with rank of captain. When the war ends he is one of the officers that makes the change of flags in 1902. Marti is later promoted to Commander, then to Colonel and then to the Chief of Staff.

The younger Marti was also Secretary of War with the Navy and obtained the rank of General.  In 1945 he died and he was awarded the posthumous degrees of Major General.

Vintage Morro Castle Postcard

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A view of a lady sitting on a balcony with a Cuban flag looking towards Morro Castle Lighthouse in Havana, Cuba 1936. 

Spy vs Spy Comic Inspired by the Cold War

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Cartoonist Antonio Prohias was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. He was known to be a prolific cartoonist on the island nation. He fled to the US in 1960, only three days before Fidel Castro's regime put the final nail in the coffin to the free press. 

Prohias became famous worldwide for creating the ironic Spy vs Spy comic strip for Mad Magazine. The legendary strip focused on two characters primarily, the Black spy and the White spy. These mysterious, mischievous agents try to kill each other in each monthly comic. Using all types of gadgets, bombs and tricks to outsmart the other. 

Cartoonist who created 
Spy vs Spy was inspired by Castro's paranoia of Cuban citizens being spies. 
These espionage activities, a true metaphor for the Cold War left a stamp on popular culture. In a 1983 interview with the Miami Herald, Prohías reflected on the success of Spy vs. Spy, stating, "The sweetest revenge has been to turn Fidel's accusation of me as a spy into a moneymaking venture." Prohias passed away in Miami on February 24th 1998 at the age of 77. He leaves behind a big family and his Spy vs Spy strip is still being reprinted in books and in advertising. Mad Magazine still publishes new strips of Spy vs Spy working with different artists. 

Flashback: Cuban Miami in 1986

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Cuban Miami 
We have come a long way as a people new to this wonderful country. This amazing 1986 video comes from the Wolfson Archives and it captures a truly golden moment of what Americans think of Cuban food and what Cuban Americans think of American food. Gotta love the Kirby beans commercial and song jingle. Enjoy!