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Pitbull's Favorite Cuban Dishes

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Pitbull's favorite Cuban food
We all know Pitbull represents Miami and Cuban culture to the fullest, but do we know what his favorite Cuban dishes are? Find out below in this CNN interview from 2014. 

Richard Blanco's Big Cuban Family

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"In my writing I focus mostly on my immediate family, but because I’m Cuban, that means a lot of people. My family is big. "There’s plenty to write about." 
- Richard Blanco 
(Cuban American Poet) 

Leonardo DiCaprio producing Cuban American Mafia Movie

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Paramount and Leonardo DiCaprio’s company Appian Way have bought the rights to Cuban-American crime saga “The Corporation” with Benicio del Toro attached to star. DiCaprio will produce the film.  

The studio and Paramount-based production company won an auction for T.J. English’s upcoming book “The Corporation: An Epic Story of the Cuba American Underworld.” 

The story centers on Jose Miguel Battle Sr. (“El Padrino”), the leader of “The Corporation.” Battle served as key operative for Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista, bringing him his cut from the gambling casinos when the mafia ran Cuba. 

Battle — also known as the Godfather — escaped to the United States when Fidel Castro took over Cuba in 1959 and was trained by the CIA to invade the country at the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion. Having saved the lives of 28 of his men, he started out running a numbers racket and soon moved on to money laundering and murder.

via: Variety

Cuban Women Helped the American Revolution

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In 1777-78 George Washington and his troops were in dire need. The Revolutionary forces were in desperate shape and near mutiny because there was not enough money for supplies. France sent a powerful fleet to America. They stopped in Haiti in the West Indies for reprovisioning. There they got word about the tragic economic situation of the American revolutionaries. The fleet sent Saint Simon to nearby Cuba to look for donations.

 The "Ladies of Havana" responded with great enthusiasm. Over 1,200,000 pounds of silver (25 million dollars in today's equivalent) were collected within a few hours. This generous offering was made to the American and French military not as a loan, but as a willing gift.

 The silver was divided between Washington and Rochambeau of France, who was instrumental in getting the funds in Cuba and fighting alongside the Americans. 

George Washington was visibly ecstatic and overjoyed with news of the donation which was a rare thing to witness since America's first president was pretty reserved about showing his feelings. The army was able to move ahead toward their destined victory against the superior forces at Yorktown in 1781.

Fast acting Cuban Women Helped The American Revolution 
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Who remembers Batido de Trigo?

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  you know your Cuban when 
you add this 
as a milkshake 

Beautiful Cuban Girl of Years Past

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Cuban girl walking the streets of Havana in the1940's

Cubans going to Brickell be like...

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    cubans be like...
    ma voy pa brique

I only speak CUBAN.

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asked if I speak spanish
live in florida 
damn it! 
 I only speak 

The Joker was Jose Marti's Grandson?

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American actor Cesar Romero who played The Joker on TV in 1960's Batman had strong Cubano roots. His mother Maria Marntilla who was born in Cuba is said to be the biological daughter of Cuban national hero Jose Marti. Cesar Romero had an extensive film career and he died in 1994 at the age of 86. 

The Elena Ruz Sandwich Story

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    The Elena Ruz sandwich story 
Elena Ruz Valdez-Fauli was a young Havana socialite from a very prominent family in the late 1920's who used to frequent the El Carmelo Restaurant with her school friends. Elena would request a sandwich made especialy for her with lightly toasted medianoche bread, spread generously with cream cheese and strawberry jam, then filled with roasted turkey slices.
She would have to explain her combination each time she ordered it, so after a while she requested the sandwich be put on the menu so she wouldn't have to explain each time. The management complied and eventually also placed a neon sign at the window announcing the 'Elena Ruz Sandwich' for 25 cents. That was quite expensive at the time considering that a regular Medianoche Sandwich or even the larger Cuban Sandwich were offered for 5 and 10 cents respectively.
Many years later, during an interview with the Miami Herald she explained " I loved it, but my mother was horrified. She thought it was disgraceful to have my name in lights as if I were advertising myself."