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Dali's Favorite Canvas

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Woman Addicted to Pizza

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First, there was the 17-year-old British girl who ate only chicken nuggets. And now, a 33-year-old British woman says she’s spent a lifetime eating only pizza.


Claire Simmons, 33, of Notting Hill London told The Sun that she has eaten only cheese pizza at every meal for 31 years. Simmons told the newspaper that she exercises and drinks water, but doctors warn her that her pizza addiction could kill her because of a lack of health vitamins and minerals.


Chronic food addiction, medically known as selective eating disorder, is nothing new for the British tabloids or for Americans. BBC airs a reality series about picky eating habits called Freaky Eaters, and TLC network has begun showing an American version of the show.

Addicted to Pizza 

Woman for 31 years has been only eating cheese pizza

Batman Costumes Banned at Screenings?

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Batman fans are diehards who love to dress up. Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man fans love dressing up too. Wearing costumes is rare treat that movie goers love to do before seeing the film. A costume is a chance to incorporate an audience member’s unique style while still showing respect to the movie. Yet, after the Colorado shooting on Friday during the opening night of The Dark Knight Riseshas people reassessing the idea of coming to movies in other than street clothes.


At the Century 16 theaters, a man dressed as a character from the Batman series came in and began shooting into a crowded theater in Aurora, Colorado in the early hours of Friday morning. Leaving dozens hurt, the gunman was mistaken at first as part of the performance. Looking like the character, the fans couldn’t tell if the gunman was with the film or there to cause harm. The lack of response could have been initially because the shooter didn’t look like he was anything more than a fan.


New questions are now being raised if fans should be allowed to dress up as their favorite characters after the incident in Colorado. Creating a larger liability than ever before, the theaters are now considering a ban or limitation on costumes at the movie screenings.


AMC theaters on Friday has announced the immediate policy that no face masks, fake weapons or costumes that would make guests uncomfortable at the theaters. This policy will be enforced immediately to try to provide some comfort for those fans who already bought tickets for the movie.


Would a policy like this saved people in the Colorado movie theater shooting? Unfortunately nobody can answer that question so early in the investigation.

Alcoholic Drinks Good For Old Bones

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Later in life, drinking one to two alcoholic drinks daily may curb bone loss — so much so that just a two-week break from alcohol hastened bone decline in women in a new study.


Researchers looked at the effects of moderate alcohol consumption on "bone turnover," or the replacing of old bone cells with new ones, in healthy post-menopausal women. After menopause, women's production of new bone cells slows, but the rate of shedding old cells does not slow as much. In other words, the "out with the old" outpaces the "in with the new," leading to a porous skeleton that easily fractures.


But past studies have shown that women who drink moderately (one or two alcoholic beverages per day) have higher bone density than non-drinkers or heavy drinkers. Now, the new study suggests why: Alcohol appears to reduce bone loss in middle-age women by suppressing the rate at which their bones shed old cells.

Booze May Be good for


In line with previously observed trends, the women in the study who drank more alcohol (up to two drinks per day) had denser hip bones than those who drank less (as little as half a drink per day). [How Much Alcohol Is in My Drink?]


More tellingly, blood tests showed that abstaining from drinking for just two weeks triggered an acceleration of bone turnover in all the women. After a 14-day alcohol holiday, the women's blood contained heightened levels of a molecule that gets released during bone turnover. And less than a day after the women resumed their normal drinking, blood levels of that molecule  dropped again. keep reading


Super Funny: Super Golden Girls

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What happens when four superfriends retire and move to Miami to share a ranch style home? This is a pilot I'd like to propose to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, if I knew anyone who worked there, and if all the licenses could be obtained. - Kevin Bapp

The Past Prevents The Future

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Thailand Shark Bench

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A tourist sits next to a large art display outside of a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Scary shit! So cool! 


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King of the Trill

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The Creative Adult Theory

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Russell Brand Choking up about Divorce

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Russell Brand choking up about divorce with Katy Perry. LOL