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Jets Chasing UFO in Somerset

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The scrambled warplanes were seen intercepting a mystery object hovering over Somerset. Dad-of-three Richard Bird, 38, told how the supersonic jets probed the “strange sock-shaped” entity above his garden in Bath.He said: “They were having a really good look.”


Fellow local Sean Whyte described the UFO as “white and rocket-shaped”. Another witness said: “The jets kept circling it. It was very strange.” The Met Office last night said in the wake of the Typhoons being scrambled on Thursday that the object was NOT a weather balloon.


The racket as the jets smashed the sound barrier sparked 999 calls across Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Defence chiefs said the red alert was caused by a civilian helicopter issuing a hijack mayday by mistake. An MoD spokesman insisted after the planes returned to RAF Coningsby, Lincs: “Crews did not report any UFOs.”

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 “The jets kept circling it. It was very strange.”

TWO RAF Typhoon jets that rocked five counties with their sonic boom were at the centre of a UFO riddle last night.


Source: The Sun