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Vegetable Products You Shouldn't Eat

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Veggie Chips:
Love potato chips but know they aren’t good for you? Common sense dictates that vegetable chips – which the labels claim are made from real vegetables – would be a sensible alternative, right? Wrong. The first ingredients on most “veggie” chip labels are potatoes and corn, which, to be honest, aren’t that much different from regular run-of-the-mill chips. But those pretty colors, the ones that show that the chip is from a tomato, a bell pepper, heck, even a carrot!? Sadly they’re nothing more than a vegetable extract, or worse, a chemically-manufactured colorant. Need further proof these aren’t the chips for you? Most veggie chip varieties are cooked in canola oil, a rapeseed derivative that is thought to be toxic to humans and animals (appetizing, huh?)


Vegetable Tempura: 
Realistically, any vegetable that’s taken a dip in a deep fat fryer really shouldn’t be considered healthy fare, but for tempura, the odds are stacked even less in the veggies favor. Although touted as one of the lighter types of batter, most “authentic” tempura recipes call for liberal use of cornstarch and heaps of sugar. Our tip? Stick to the stir fry!


Vegetable Sushi:
In recent years, sushi has risen to fame as the healthy meal of the celebrity set, and while we know to stay away from some lower grade sushi (like the supermarket sushi that boasts sugar-laden imitation fish), the reality is even simple vegetable sushi can be unhealthy. The culprit? The rice, which in sushi is mixed with rice vinegar and plenty of sugar. If you must do the sushi samba, ask for brown rice or balance out the meal with plenty of steamed veggies, such as hijiki (cooked seaweed) or oshitashi (boiled spinach with soy sauce).


Tomato Ketchup: 
Tomatoes? Check. Vinegar? Check. High fructose corn syrup? Definitely! In fact, ketchup contains so much sugar (typically holding the second or third spot on the ingredients list) it might as well be re-branded tomato syrup (yum!) Instead, opt for salsa, malt vinegar, spices or learn to go without!


Spinach Dip:

Think the chips are the only bad thing going on in a spinach dip? Turns out the dip itself isn’t all that good for you either. Yes, it does contain healthy spinach (and sometimes artichokes too!), but it’s also chock-full of heavy cream, mayo and cream cheese, and quite often topped with bread crumbs or croutons. Why use the ingredient that is usually featured least prominently to name the dip? It would be like calling “carrot cake” carrot cake.


Canned Vegetable Soup: 
It’s easy to think that the food manufacturers are doing you a favor by preparing a delicious, hearty – and frequently low-calorie – vegetable soup, but the reality is there are a multitude of evils hidden in that can! High sodium content aside, many of these soups also contain honey, sugar and other sweeteners – whether real or artificial – that can amount to as much as 15g of sugar per half-cup serving!



Check out this list, after you read might not be as healthy as you thought you were. But, some of these are pretty obvious...if they aren't then you find out another thing about yourself - you are an idiot! 

We Live For a Brief Instant

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"I'm sorry, it's true. Having children really changes your view on these things. We're born, we live for a brief instant, and we die. It's been happening for a long time. Technology is not changing it much - if at all."

- Steve Jobs 

What do Vegan Zombies Eat?

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What Do Vegan Zombies Eat? 


Black Face MLK Second Grader

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Sean King, a second grade student at Meridian Ranch Elementary School in Falcon, Colorado, was given the assignment to do a living wax museum project regarding Dr. Martin Luther King.  


Sean, reportedly a good student who enjoys school, is white and wore black makeup on his face as part of his costume for the project.  
The young boy says that his classmates thought his costume was awesome.  School officials, however, thought otherwise.  
When Sean's parents arrived at the school, they were told that Sean's costume was a problem.   Sean was told by the school principal that the black face paint had to be removed immediately or he would have to go home.  
Sean's parents, Michelle and Anthony King, took the boy home.  
After the incident, the mother said:  
It's embarrassing.  It's sad for the kids and sad for Sean because he's a very good student.  He really thinks of school very highly.  

Second Grader Not Allowed to Portray MLK in 


 The school's staff would not say if Sean would be punished if he had refused to take off the makeup or if his grade will now be lowered regarding the incident.  
According to the school district which supported the principal's decision:  
When something becomes offensive or distracting, that's when it falls under the board policy of dress code, and making sure if something is distracting, that it's removed from the learning environment. The mother said that Sean was going to wash the paint off as soon as he was finished with his presentation and not cause a scene of any type.  Though distraught with the school's reaction to Sean's costume for his Martin Luther King, Jr. project, Michelle King says her son will attend the last week of school to finish out the school year.  

How To Deal With Snobs

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  • Talk with them. Not all snobs intentionally engage in such behavior; explaining to them that they do can sometimes get them to rethink their views and actions. Or, if they're purposefully being a snob, question some of their more egregious comments in an attempt to understand the snob's point of view. Counter with your own viewpoint to create an ongoing dialogue.


  • Ignore them. Snobs can make really asinine comments sometimes, but you can simply choose not to respond if they are infrequent. Dismiss the snobby comment by meeting it with silence, a disapproving sigh or a roll of the eyes. You can also walk away, thereby reducing the words' power or impact.



  • Confront the snob during a conversation by changing the subject and announcing how much you dislike snobbery and why. Speak clearly, calmly and articulately about how ugly and obnoxious snobbery can be, and how those who engage in such behavior tend to be insecure. This approach may cause snobs some embarrassment and could cause a few uncomfortable moments, particularly if others are also involved in the conversation or are listening in.



There are plenty of asshole snobs in the work place, fashion world, art world and everywhere inbetween. Maybe this will help you deal with the stuck up types. I doubt this will help though. ha

You Aren't Ugly After All

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No Texting While Walking in Fort Lee, NJ

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Texting While Walking? 

now lands you a ticket in Fort Lee, NJ. 

Text addicts beware — a New Jersey town is mounting a crackdown on texting while walking.

Police in Fort Lee, N.J., have issued more than 117 jaywalking tickets in the last month and a half, and cops say texting pedestrians are some of the biggest offenders, according to Philadelphia TV station WTXF.


“It’s a big distraction. Pedestrians aren’t watching where they’re going. They’re not aware,” police chief Thomas Ripoli told WTXF.


Ripoli said 20 people have been hit by cars so far this year in the Bergen County town — many because they were too absorbed texting or talking on their phones to keep track of traffic around them.


Fort Lee police started by handing out pamphlets warning against “dangerous” walking during a two-week grace period, then started whacking offenders with $85 fines.


“Even kids,” Ripoli told The Record. “We just hope their parents would make them pay the fine. ”

Is this unconstitutional or what? Doesn’t Fort Lee have better things to do then keep taking more rights away from people? What next? Can’t talk while walking? Can’t drink soda in the drivers seat? 

The Truth About Music

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Music sets everyone free. Everyone loves music. At least everyone that falls in love. If someone hates music...the moment they meet someone they are crazy about, whatever song is playing at the first place they meet, that person will love music after that moment. True story...

Magic is something you make.

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Cinco de Mayo Pinata Cookies

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Cinco de Mayo


These are amazing. I'm not going to post the whole recipe here in this post. You are going to have to check it out at the source link. I am simply posting pictures of how to assemble these totally awesome and orginal cooks. These multi-striped, burro piñata sugar cookies come complete with hollow centers that you can fill with a secret stash of your favorite candies. Break open or bite into these festive treats and be greeted with a sugary surprise. Olé!