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Seeing Van Gogh's "The Yellow House" on Google Maps

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Vincent van Gogh's "The Yellow House" on Google Maps. 
The Yellow House no longer exists. It was broken down in the 1940's during World War II. The place without the house looks almost the same. Although Van Gogh's building is gone a placard on the scene commemorates its former existence.

Recap - Kiki Valdes - Paintings in a Loft

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Following the success of his solo exhibition in New York at The National Arts Club, Kiki Valdes is pleased to present a mini overview of his extensive art portfolio at the Midtown Miami 4 building coinciding with the festive Art Basel/Miami Art Week. 

Presenting a selection of his preliminary sketches, drawings, and oil paintings, the evocative staging of Valdes’ diverse art is revisited in the context of a modern loft overlooking the vibrant streets filled with art enthusiasts. 

Seamlessly located in midtown Miami alongside various art fairs, the painter invites you to discover the versatility in the colors, mediums, and forms that have inspired and shaped his journey through art.

Michael Vasquez: "One Deep" (Miami Art Week)

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Michael Vasquez : "One Deep" 

 an independent presentation of single portraits.

December 2nd - 7th 2014

Reception : Thursday, December 4th 7-10PM

3801 N. Miami Ave #104
Design District Miami FL

Michael Vasquez lives and works in Miami. His work has been exhibited at numerous museums and institutions, both nationally and internationally, including the Kemper Museum of Art in Kansas City MO, Miami Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Museum of Contemporary Art Scottsdale, the University of Tennessee, and Saatchi Gallery in London. 

Currently, Vasquez's work is included in "Portraiture Now : Staging the Self," on view at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC through April 12th 2015, at which point the exhibition will begin to travel nationally.

Douglas Hoekzema + Johnny Robles (Time & Play)

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International Friendship Exhibition (Primary - Dec. 3rd)

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Jose Parla Book Signing

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Chris Oh presents CURRENT STATE

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KIKI VALDES: RIDING DUALISM -New solo exhibition opening at The National Arts Club

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Valdes’ work often draws a corollary between the content and action with surroundings punctuated by arid landscapes and fragmented spaces. In his work "Bullish in the Desert", the interaction between the dark colossal animal and the brightness of the hovering ghost-like figure is offset against the brightness of the warm tones of the landscape. This painting as well as others in the series, investigates the poetics and memories of the perpetuating Western American culture, re-enacting the artist’s own experience in the wilderness of Arizona. 

Simultaneously entertaining and strikingly composed semi-abstract paintings, Kiki Valdes’ works are critical interrogations of the duality between the individual and the system, or in this case the ‘animal’. Tracing the conflicting broadcast of everyday uprising, the unleashed beast in "Angry Horse" exposes the overthrow of ongoing endorsed system, projecting the viewers in a mental state of a no-man’s land where the dignity of the animal and individual are one. Kiki Valdes approaches the lore of the American cowboy with an intimate immediacy, enabling his contemporary experience to exist within the continuum of civilizations.   

Kiki Valdes was born in Miami, Florida in 1981, and lives and works between New York, New Jersey and Miami. A Cuban American painter, Valdes’ work explores the multidimensional complexities of people, religion, American-life, sex, and superstition. His canvases tend to overlap on top of various unresolved paintings and capture a sense of association, rhythm and conflict. Kiki often refers to his paintings as studies; instead of art history’s draw toward the female or still life, Valdes explores the use of 1990’s cartoons with expressionistic tendencies. His appropriation of Disney/Nickelodeon characters is a starting point for him to redefine his understanding of the subject. The work can best be described as a marriage between abstract expressionism and cartoons.

“Kiki Valdes: Riding Dualism” will be on view at The National Arts Club - 15 Gramercy Park South, New York NY. 10003. November 3-30th 2014. A reception will be held on November 19, 2014 from 6-8pm. RSVP required: [email protected] 

Press Contact: [email protected] 
For his first one-person exhibition in New York, Kiki Valdes presents new paintings that explore the phenomenon of dominance and the translation of experience into image and form. Continuing his inquiry into the evaluation of popular culture in the context of established American settings, Riding Dualism proposes a step further whereby traditions are re-explored and roles often reversed.  

Badass Luke Skywalker

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 "I am taking Captain Solo and his friends. You can either profit by this or be destroyed. It's your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my power."  - Luke Skywalker 

Looking for the right guy, ladies?

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Looking for the right guy? 

Official Teaser Trailer for GRACE

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This is a teaser trailer for the short film "Grace" Starring Caiti Wiggins, Anton Simon, and Mario Nalini. Directed by Michael Macias.
Teaser Trailer for GRACE. 
Teaser Trailer for
Teaser Trailer for

LA's Emily J. Synder

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Los Angeles artist and friend Emily J Snyder gave me LIFE with her Jerome Rousseau collaboration. Each pair is custom and handmade by Snyder with 7000+ beads including coral, freshwater pearls, vintage Czech crystals and a whole lot of love. Totally worth more than the $6,500 price tag. Wearable sculpture and a dream come true in the form of a shoe that fits like a glove...and shines like the sun.

Butcher Shop in Ocean Drive

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A canopy of globe lights strung over communal tables beckon wanderers into The Butcher Shop, a beer garden-grill hybrid hidden on a nondescript street in Wynwood. On the patio, bartenders sling craft brews, shots of flavored moonshine, and martinis ornamented with olives stuffed in-house. Inside the former warehouse space, a 24-foot meat case showcases the stuff of a carnivore’s dream: duck sausage, lamb and feta burgers, USDA Prime Black Angus beef, and mettwurst the German employees of Fred Niznik fondly call “the closest thing to home.” 

Butcher Shop Press from Ocean Drive 

Pittzza at Iron Side's Giovanni Galiardi

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Giovanni Gagliardi is the heart and soul of Pittzza at Iron Side. Winner of the International Pizza Challenges in Las Vegas, Maestro Gagliardi has a hefty twenty-five years of background under his belt as a “Pizzaiolo”. Giovanni, “La Leggenda” in Napoli, Italy. Overflowing with Napolitano gusto, Giovanni is not on the menu, but will garnish your experience at Pittzza at Iron Side.

Beyonce on How Men Are.

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"When you really don't like a guy, they're all over you, and as soon as you act like you like them, they're no longer interested."

What It Takes to Open a Brewery

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With more than 2,700 breweries currently operating in the U.S. and the craft beer industry enjoying a steady growth rate, there's no doubt why the business of producing beer is gaining unprecedented momentum -- expanding faster than any other time since prohibition ended. 

There was a 15% increase in new breweries from 2012 to 2013 alone and 2014 looks like it will top those numbers! Great news for all the beer drinkers - as availability and selection border on gluttonous. But planning and starting a brewery is far from quick and easy and definitely not for the casual businessperson, faint of heart, impatient or corner-cutter. The industrial brewery environment requires skills and procedures that come from safe brewing experience and is an unforgiving place for the inexperienced. 

Process of opening a brewery, some of what it takes to go from brooding to brewing...
That said, love of beer alone will not take a brewer or brewery very far - because going from grain to glass is a multi-dimensional undertaking requiring passion, experience, and sweat. Beyond the initial investment expenses and acquisition of equipment brewhouse, fermenters, kegs, barrels, space - there is the lengthy, tedious and careful process of state and federal permitting. Then readying the facility is where the focus moves to drains, flooring, and coolers.
Picking and getting the right location, equipment, and recipes can have lasting repercussions making or breaking the brewery when it comes time to expand. Recipe research and formulation selecting beers for our portfolio ñ is also an area where we dedicate a huge amount of time and energy. Opening a brewery is as exciting as it is scary. Combining different malts, hops and yeast to create unique beers is what gets us going, and the pint at the end of the tunnel we're working toward is bringing our creations to the masses.

Don't sink my boat.

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"Comically Aligned Chaos" by Amir Fallah

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"Comically Aligned Chaos" ...that sounds about right...We are excited to highlight this work from Amir Fallah - watercolor, ink, collage, color pencil on paper mounted on canvas, 48" diameter
Amir H. Fallah is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Amir received his B.F.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art and his M.F.A from UCLA in 2005. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Exhibits include shows at Weatherspoon Art Museum, The Sharjah Biennial 2009, LA Louver, The Third Line, Gallery Wendi Norris, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, Cherry And Martin, 31 Grand, Frederieke Taylor gallery, Mary Goldman Gallery among others.

Something Special

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"I want to give you something very special"
- Grace