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Rain drops

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Kodak Vision3 250D (5207)

Double Diptych

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but not the Pentax 17 kind

All Nighter...

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"All Nighter"
acrylic on canvas 
21" x 17" / 2024
A friend in Italy wanted to know a little about the painting...
As I make this post it's almost 2:30AM

Cease from thine own wisdom

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Labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom.
-Proverbs 23:4

Are Arbetter's better dogs?

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When was the last time you ate a hotdog?

First of the roll

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First of the roll

Vintage Bronco

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Vintage two door Ford Bronco

A Minor Oopsie

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It's just my Minor Mistake
The Internet is an amazing thing.

I first heard of Minor Threat when I was 16. I was in a Specs music store. My girlfriend, Kathy said "Hey, look! They are straight edge!" as she handed me their tape. I wasn't sure what straight edge was but it was exactly what I was.

They were no longer a band but I did get to see the vocalist (Ian MacKaye) new band Fugazi. At the Edge in Ft. Laud.(1993).

Fast forward many many many years and I'm watching an interview on YouTube with Ian MacKaye... And he introduces himself Ian MacKaye and I rewind the video and say out loud 'MacWHAT?!? I've been pronouncing this guys name wrong my whole life!?!'
I've always pronounced his name Ian MacKaye like how the word 'Okay' sounds. Ian 'Mackay'
But it's actually pronounced  like how the K sounds in the word Kayak and the Y in the word eye. Ian Mac-K-EYE!!! 
Someday I'll look back and laugh... HA HA HA!

Spanish Moss way up high

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Kodak Ektar 100


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A pretty good cheese burger with hash browns on the side from Cowgirl Kitchen. Rosemary Beach, Florida!


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Guarjiro Vision

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"Guarjiro Vision" 
acrylic on canvas (2024)

Sand Dunes in Immokalee Florida

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I think these are man made. It's next to a road intersection (Seminole Crossing Trail X Koowachobee Trail) and a lake in the Immokalee Reservation.
Immokalee Sand Dunes?

Handheld fireworks

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How Long Do Fireworks Last ?

USPS at 80 Miles per hour

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I was driving about 75mph on the interstate and a USPS mail van blew past me. I've never seen one of these sucks move so fast, let alone on the highway. 

I chuckled since it reminded me of that Seinfeld episode. You know, the one where Newman & Kramer drove a USPS truck full of bottles and cans to Michigan. They wanted that sweet 10 cent per bottle refund.

As a B side: Not sure if this is true but a guy once told me that cops can't give USPS tickets because they don't have license plates. 
Mailman in a rush, yeah right!

Circumstantial Evidence (painting)

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"Circumstantial Evidence" 
acrylic on canvas 43" x 34" (2024) 
My older brother bought me a polaroid camera for my birthday and these were the first two images taken. You can see the painting "Circumstantial Evidence" as I was working on it. 
April 2024
I've always been intrigued by film noir, old black and white detective movies and it's music. I also love German expressionism in painting and in cinema, which isn't too far off visually speaking from noir. As I always explore themes, I always come back to the past and what my parents and grandparents saw as Americana when they fled a communist country. I'm always searching for some deep feeling that defined the visual landscape of America in the 20th century. Of course, I do this in my own language in drawings and paintings. 


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90 Seconds to Midnight

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Here are some development shots at the studio finishing up the painting 90 Seconds to Midnight. 
 "90 Seconds to Midnight"
  acrylic on canvas (2024)

Smoking Still-Lifes?

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"Moka Pot as Smoker"
 acrylic on canvas 36" x 24" (2024) 
These are the first two still-lifes I painted at the beginning of the year. I was pretty happy to be back in the studio because at the very end of 2023 I got the flu and didn't feel like painting much. These two pieces show a continuation of adding personality to coffee pots. For a reason I'm still developing I made the moka pot in the first painting and the second piece with the poka dot ceramic pot smoking cigars. Growing up all the older men around me smoked cigars, I think it just sort of stayed with me. People still smoke cigars, however back then, it was different. Growing up these guys smoked cigars like how people drink coffee was all over the place. It was in the culture in a way that does not feel the same today. 
"Puff Puff, still-life"
 acrylic on canvas 36" x 24" (2024)

Pink flower with water drops profile angle

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KODAK Vision3 250D