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The United States has the most gold and Bitcoins

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 The United States government 
 has the largest gold reserves in 
 the world. 

 They are also the  largest Bitcoin holders 

 Learn Why the United States Government
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Rapper NAS knows that making money can sounds really good

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Nas has eight platinum and multi-platinum albums. He’s sold over 25 million records worldwideHis investment company has invested into hugely successful technology companies like Rap Genius, Seatgeek, SendHub, Robinhood, Tilt and tons more.

He invested millions into a Bitcoin company called Coinbase.

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NAS knows that making money can sound really good

Where did the idea for Facebook come from?

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Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from the Winklevoss twins. They sued him for $65 million dollars. They then went on to create a Bitcoin exchange, called Gemini and bought massive amounts of Bitcoin.

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This man can see the future

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Marc Andreessen, is the creator of the first popular web browser, cloud computing pioneer and early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Skype, Instagram, Airbnb and a ton of other technology companies. 

His investment company has invested over a $227 million dollars into Bitcoin companies.
This man can see the future
He then builds it
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Move your money like Thor's hammer

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Bitcoin is the only money that can only be moved by it's owner
Only Thor can move his hammer.
Bitcoins can only be moved using a private key. A key that is mathematically related to the account where the bitcoins are stored. Without the private key it's impossible to move, like trying to lift Thor's hammer.

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Thor's hammer and
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Samsung Pay, Apple pay and the future of Bitcoin?

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Keep in mind that the best way to pay in the 1930’s was a check.
What will the best way to pay be in the future?
If you’ve tried Samsung Pay or Apple Pay it’s obvious it’s the best way to pay in 2015.

Bank of America filed patent to send money using bitcoin

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On September 17 2015 Bank of America filed a patent to send money usingBitcoin.
On December 28 1998 the domain was registered.

Facebook is down, what to do?

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Facebook has been down for over 15 minutes. 
What do you do?

Learn about Ethereum
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Cecily Brown Doing Paintings

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"I’m not the kind of artist who has an idea and then carries it out; it’s more like I find what the idea was through doing the paintings."
- Cecily Brown 

Tesla vs Edison

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New York City subway rat taking pizza home (Video)

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NYC Subway Rat Loves Pizza 
New York subway stations are infamous for being disgusting. Wether it's a homeless dude slapping crap in a sock into a woman's face or seeing rats running around. This one takes the cake. This video we see a rat taking home his earnings. Everyone in New York loves do the rats! 

Second Chances - A Group Exhibition

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Monet - Joy and Torment

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Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

- Claude Monet 


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