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Tiffany on Kodak film

Posted by Humby | Views: 151
Tiffany lamp - Kodak Ultramax 400 film
Check out these colors, amazing!

Buc-ee's Daytona Beach

Posted by Humby | Views: 163
Fresh brisket on the board!
Buc-ee's, Humongous gas station in Daytona Beach Florida
Nikon F80 - Kodak Portra 400 film
Nikon FM2a - Cinestill 50D film with light leak
Buc-ee’s is incredible. It’s huge, I don’t mean huge I mean ginormous. When you drive in, this gas station there’s, I don’t know over 100 gas pumps! Inside it’s like a Walmart sized convenience store it’s huge. In the middle they have people preparing brisket and you can watch them chop it. They yell ‘Fresh brisket on the board!’ when its ready.

And the best part, the restrooms are clean!

God Bless Texas and Florida.
Nikon F80 - Kodak Portra 400 film

Buggy Leaf - Macro Photography

Posted by Humby | Views: 167
Kodak Pro Image 100 -  Nikon F6 - Nikkor 40mm f/2.8g DX 

Moon Boyz

Posted by Humby | Views: 170
Kodak Gold 200

Sunshine State Arch

Posted by Humby | Views: 183
St. Louis has the Gateway Arch & Miami-Dade has a Miami Modern
Architecture Masterpiece the Sunshine State Arch - built in 1964.
Gateway to the midwest,
Miami style.
Color photos shot on Nikon FM2n 50mm with Kodak Portra 160 film - 2021
The Sunshine State Arch was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.

My no tripod low light film technique

Posted by Humby | Views: 241
My low light technique
Shot on Kodak Ultramax 400 handheld
When I’ve had a low light situation, if there’s some bright light in the scene, I’ve been able to get a workable image.
My technique is simple,
& simple things are hard
First, I stay calm and focused. I set my shutter speed very slow maybe 1/8th or 1/4th of a second. I hold my camera and arms hard against my face and body. Looking through the viewfinder and press the shutter button down slowly. I hold my pose until I hear the shutter close being sure not to anticipate it (key point being patient and not anticipating that the photo is done when I press the shutter).

This technique or shooting style almost always works. Even if I get a slight motion blur the photo still looks cool. Obviously, practice is the reason this works for me.

I self develop my film like normal and scan.

Yellow flowers on film

Posted by Humby | Views: 196
Kodak Portra 400

Tucumcari Motel Neon Signs

Posted by googie | Views: 149
I love Tucumcari and Santa Rosa NM for amount of cool roadside signs and history. 
I recommend anyone to do the trip (by car, at night time and daytime) to see so much history and design styles. 
   Blue Swallow Motel 
   Buckaroo Motel
   Americana Motel

"Mod Still-Life" (2022) - Process shots in the studio

Posted by KikiValdes | Views: 169
"Mod Still-Life" 
31" x 38" 
acrylic on canvas
    In studio process shots. 

Food taste better with neon

Posted by Humby | Views: 177
Andy's Frozen Custard
Prospect, Illinois
Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken
Lexington, Kentucky
Food taste Better with Neon

Cinestill 50d Review

Posted by Humby | Views: 247
My 3rd roll of Cinestill 50D
The first roll I shot I pulled an amateur move and opened my Paterson tank when developing it. I accidentally flashed it with light.

The second roll I lost on the Simpsons Ride at Universal Orlando.

My Third roll is where my bad luck ended and I was amazed. 50D is awesome!
I’ve had a lot of random luck with 50D before my 3rd roll.
The range of colors is real smooth. Look at the shadows under the pier and smooth blues of the water and the amazing clouds and sky.
I used my Nikon F6 with a 40mm f/2.8G DX lens for this somewhat marco shot. Even though its a DX lens it works great on the F6. It has a bit of vignetting but its hard to see. 
Film grain is super super super fine!
I can't even see it. Can you?
Cinestill 50D even looks good in lower light situations. Almost seeing a bit of halation on the highlights. (Thinking of you Cinestill 800t).
In conclusion: Cinestill 50D is a go!
Shot through car window glare.

In the shade

Posted by Humby | Views: 230
Fancy hotel in Miami Beach 
Portra 400 - Nikon F6 - 50mm f/5.6 1/1500

What is the meaning of life?

Posted by Humby | Views: 194
Is life about being happy?
I know of a man who’s really good. A really good guy. He’s honest. The kind of guy who the second you ask for his help he is right there to help you. Even I now trust him with my life. When I say he’s good I mean the absolute best, perfect. 

The thing is if you look at his life its hard to say his life here is HAPPY HAPPY. He was arrested and found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. The judge knew he was innocent. His best friends denied knowing him. I’m no better, even I did. They beat him up in jail and made fun of him. He was sentenced to death!

They killed him, but the good news is he rose from the dead on the 3rd day.

The meaning of life… Honestly seek to know who Jesus Christ is. What did he say about himself and what did he do for you, your family and the world. 

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Impressive Sunset

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Sunset over Dadeland
Kodak Pro Image 100 - Nikon FM2n
I was driving by Dadeland mall and noticed nice colors forming in the clouds. I parked and took the elevator to the top floor of the parking garage. Then saw the most impressive unreal Miami sunsets straight out of the 1980's

Remington - Portra 400

Posted by Humby | Views: 191
Remington Indiana 2021

Abuela Mami Coffee Neon Sign

Posted by Humby | Views: 231
Abuela Mami Coffee  -Neon
The backout paint over-brush is a real example of the imperfect human touch of neon.
Film is the best medium to photograph neon. Digital photos can't compete here.
One of the coolest things I can think of is a neon sign. I’ve always wanted a neon sign. We had a custom neon sign made for my company, Abuela Mami Coffee, it was very exciting.

What’s cool about neon, even more so in the digital age, is that it’s completely manual. You need a skilled craftsman. You can’t just pull up a website and make one.
Our Neon sign is portable and battery powered. We bring it to coffee events and it's always a hit.

Atlanta downtown skyline

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 Jackson Street 

Shooting Cinestill BW Double-X film at a Cattle Show

Posted by Humby | Views: 214
Cinestill B/W Double-X film
I thought it would be fun to photograph a cattle show with the same 35mm film stock used for the movie Raging Bull. 
I think this bull won something, They were waiting to take a photo.
My brother Kiki Valdes wearing our late grandfather's (Abuelo Papi) open road Stetson hat.
Francisco. How do I know? It's written on his leg.
The way this film renders grays are awesome. The grain is very fine. 
Dancing Mexican ladies.
Miami-Dade Police Tank Truck!

Spiders in Miami

Posted by Humby | Views: 211
Spiny Orb Weaver.
Mabel Orchard Orb-weaver or a Black Widow, I'm not sure.
I’ve seen in


Can a bee feel or sense vibration reduction on a lens?

Posted by Humby | Views: 247
Vibration reduction
Not in this photo but one time a bee was floating around and drinking water from a hose. I had a vibration reduction lens and I got closer to take a shot. When I half pressed the trigger to focus the vibration reduction turned on and the bee immediately reacted and started to fly away. 

I backed up, waited for the bee to settle and it went back to drinking water. I moved in again, half press the trigger. Vibration reduction turned on and the bee freaked out again, started buzzing around and moving away. I did that a couple more times and then that’s when I realized maybe they can sense the vibration.