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David Lynch - Nothing to be Afraid Of

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"See, a painting is much cheaper than making a film. And photography is, you know, way cheap. So if I get an idea for a film, there are many ways to get it together and go realize that film. There's really nothing to be afraid of."

- DaViD LynCh

Leah Jung - Word word!

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Leah Jung always pretty fly

Domino's Pizza Noid Hostage Crisis

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In 1989, Kenneth Lamar Noid interpreted the Domino’s ads as a personal assault on his character. Believing he was engaged in an ongoing battle with Domino’s head Tom Monaghan, Noid took matters into his own hands, holding up a Domino’s outlet in Georgia. Details from Time MagazineKenneth Noid, 22, walked into a Domino’s Pizza shop in Chamblee, Ga., with a .357 Magnum revolver and took two employees hostage. When police arrived, he demanded $100,000 in cash, a getaway car and a copy of The Widow’s Son, a 1985 novel about secret societies in an 18th century Parisian prison.All Noid got was the pizza he ordered. After a five-hour siege, the two employees slipped away and Noid gave himself up.

Did you know about the Noid Hostage Standoff?  

Tips to Stop Bad Dreams

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D R E A M S  

1. Don’t go to sleep angry or stressed out. Give yourself time to cool down.

2. Regular sleep patterns = better dreams. Including weekends.

3. Don’t eat right before bed. In particular, foods that take longer to digest, like meats and cheeses, can increase nightmares.

4. Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption.

5. Cultivate gratitude. If this doesn’t come easy, do a “thankfulness” exercise every day in which you list the aspects of your life that you are thankful for.

6. Reduce exposure to violent images in the media, especially in the evenings. Horror movies can cause lingering nightmares for years.

7. Spend time in nature as often as possible, even if this means sitting in a city park for fifteen minutes every day. Many therapists believe that we all suffer from “nature deficiency disorder.”

8. Don’t sleep on your back. This encourages a special kind of nightmare known as sleep paralysis, in which you feel like you are awake and alert while at the same time you  cannot move. Sufferers also feel breathless and/or sense an “unknown presence” in the room. - keep reading this article 

Tips to stop bad dreams 

Cool Camera Tattoo

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The Vault of Horror...Classic Photo

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Jay-Z in Cuba? North Korea? Venezuela?

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Hey, who wants to go to North Korea...go to the best restaurants/hotels? And think your a badass for doing it...because nobody else can go? VIP status baby. Oppressive governments need our dollars y'all. Let's make money in a free country...and use it in places citizens are considered serfs. King status baby.You hate the powers that be, until you get some power then you are a dirty tyrant worshipper. SAD. 

Henry Rollins: Life Lessons

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"Half of life is fucking up, the other half is dealing with it."
- Henry Rollins 

Fla. Man Disappears Into Sinkhole

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Jeffrey Bush disappeared into the earth without a trace.

No body for the family to bury. Even his bedroom furniture and belongings were sucked into the ground when a sinkhole opened last month under the Seffner, Fla., home where he slept.

The fact that rescue workers were unable to retrieve his body has made the rare incident infinitely more painful for the family, brother Jeremy Bush said. Rescue teams from Hillsborough County at the time deemed the ground too unstable to attempt a rescue or retrieve the body and instead filled the hole with gravel.

"They did nothing," said Jeremy Bush, 36, who jumped into the sinkhole minutes after it opened to try to retrieve his brother. "They just left him there."

Man Disappears Into SinkHole

On the night of Feb. 28, after hearing a loud crash, Jeremy Bush ran to one of the bedrooms to see a deep, dirt-covered hole, about 20 feet across, where his brother was sleeping just moments before, he said. He jumped into the hole and clawed through the dirt searching for his brother. The hole was as deep as he is tall. He could see the house's plumbing poking out beneath the floor, he said.

Within minutes, a sheriff's deputy arrived and helped pull him from the hole, telling him the ground was still crumbling around them, Jeremy Bush said. They ran out of the home. No one ever went inside again, he said.

As the family watched from the street, engineers lowered a microphone into the hole to try to pick up signs of Jeffrey Bush. But a second collapse rattled the foundation and sucked the equipment into the hole, Jeremy Bush said.

After more tests the next day, engineers deemed the property too dangerous for rescue or recovery, said Willie Puz, a Hillsborough County spokesman. The engineers "advised us that additional collapses could happen at any time and it was an unsafe scene," he said. "We made our decisions based off that."

Tearful family members placed flowers and a teddy bear in front of the home, saying their final goodbyes to Jeffrey Bush. The house was demolished and the hole filled in with four truckloads of gravel, essentially creating his grave.

It's not the first time disaster victims have been left underground. The bodies of dozens of miners have been left behind in the wake of mine explosions or collapses in recent decades when the mines became too treacherous for rescue workers, said Celeste Monforton, a professorial lecturer at George Washington University who has been involved in mine disaster investigations.

Family of sinkhole victim felt rescuers could have done more, but experts equate the search to diving into quicksand.

"They ran out of the home. No one ever went inside again"

Wynwood Wake Up Call?

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if you don't know how to paint, keep going! practice somewhere nobody can see it.... don't do murals though. going big does not make you better, it just makes it harder for people to avoid crap....and the property owners giving you space should be shot. 

David Hasselhoff Saving Berlin Wall

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“This is like tearing down an Indian burial ground. It’s a no-brainer,” the 60-year-old former Baywatch star told reporters at a packed press conference at a club near the Wall. “This is the last memorial to the people who died and to the perseverance of freedom.”

“Somebody said to me: ‘What if they tore down the Brandenburg Gate?’ I think there’d be a bit of a protest there too. If you tried to get near 9/11, where [the terror attacks] happened, you’d have a lot of problems,” he said.

The segment of the Wall in question is known as the East Side Gallery, a touristattraction and one of the few remaining signs of Berlin's Cold War division. After German reunification in 1990, the 1.3-kilometre stretch of concrete barrier was covered in colourful murals from artists around the world. 

But plans for a high-end residential development along the banks of the Spree River as well as providing access to a footbridge require a 22-metre part of the Wall to be dismantled. After angry demonstrations in recent weeks, the plans have been put on hold. Talks with the Berlin government and local district authorities are set to commence on March 18.

After hearing about the demolition work, Hasselhoff, known affectionately by his fans as The Hoff, decided to travel to Berlin to voice his support for the protestors fighting to keep the East Side Gallery intact. He also took the opportunity to recount his experiences of traveling through East Germany shortly after the Wall fell.
US entertainer David Hasselhoff on Sunday tried to rally support to halt the planned demolition of part of the Berlin Wall for luxury apartments along the German capital’s riverfront. 
Hasselhoff: "Off The Wall!"
keep reading this story 
Source: The Local 

Giant Freak Rats Invade Tehran

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teenage mutant iranian  

The Iranian capitol of Tehran is suffering from a pest problem we don’t envy — Rodents of Unusual Size have come to plague the city. While they’re not the nearly human sized creatures native to the Fire Swamp, Iranian officials have reported that the “genetically mutated” creatures weigh in at up to 11 pounds. That’s larger than some of the cats that prowl the city’s streets, and big enough to warrant government backed teams of snipers whose job is to hunt down the voluminous vermin, because of course they’re resistant to traditional poison. Of course they are.

More than 2,200 of the rats have been killed so far, their corpses either burned or buried in pits of lime — which seems like a bit much, really. I mean, these are rats you’re dealing with, not vampires. That said, if I had to dispose of an eleven pound rat, I’m not sure what I would think is the right way to do so. I would probably just run away screaming and never look back, so, hey, goa and and torch the things, Iran. What do I know?

Aside from the rather dubious “radiation” answer given by one city council member, there’s no telling yet what is responsible for the rats increased size. The resistance to poison isn’t unique to Iran, though, having been seen in rats throughout Europe, including these British rats. The problem is getting so bad that plans are in the works to raise the number of snipers on rat-hunting detail from 10 to 40 in the coming weeks.

So if you’ve got the rare but coveted ‘Giant Rats’ space on your Apocalypse Countdown Bingo card, now would probably be the time to cover that bad boy up. Congratulations, I guess?

Iran Rolls Out Teams of Snipers to Battle Enormous Mutant Rats

Casting Obama as Satan for "The Bible"

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The History Channel released a mini-series called “The Bible” which is making headlines for one its cast members, Satan. The actor who plays Satan is Mohamen Mehdi Ouazann and happens to resemble the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The media has been on an outrageous circuit since the episode aired and now it’s making national headlines. CNN reported:

Buzz on Twitter quickly grew. According to on Monday, there were an estimated 20,000 tweets containing the words “Obama” and “Satan” since the 9:00 p.m. ET hour on Sunday, the hour in which Satan appears in the two-hour show.

In a statement, miniseries producer Mark Burnett called claims there was a resemblance “utter nonsense.”

Burnett said the actor who played Satan, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, “is a highly acclaimed Moroccan actor. He has previously played parts in several Biblical epics –including Satanic characters long before Barack Obama was elected as our President.”

What ever the story maybe, it has simply gone too far. Comparing Obama to Satan or anything pertaining any Biblical character is simply too far.

Obama as Satan
New History Channel show "The Bible" cast actor to play the Devil who resembles President Obama. 

Why do dogs sniff other dogs asses?

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Dogs have two anal glands in their rectums, which emit a strong scent. Dogs sniff each other’s butts in order to get a whiff of it. The aroma they smell gives them detailed information about the other dog.

The aroma emitted from a dog’s butt tells other dogs vital information about him. It tells his sex, health status and temperament. Therefore, on a first meeting, two unacquainted dogs know if they want to befriend each other or not. So what does that mean to us? We need to trust our dog’s instincts.

If he doesn’t like another dog, there is probably  a good reason. The other dog doesn't pass the sniff test. So let nature take its course. Allow your dog choose his own friends because in the long run he nose best.

Do you ever wonder why dogs sniff each other’s butts?Whether the dogs are new acquaintances or old ones, they meet up and immediately run to the rear. Most people believe this is their way of saying “hello.“ However, this belief is a myth. Dogs sniff each other’s butts for a much deeper reason.


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A N N   Y E E
Photography by Stephen Wilson
My wonderful friend, fashion forward designer ANN YEE presented her Fall 2013 collection at NYFW this February. ANN thinks outside the box and it pays off, speaking to a generation of women looking for something different. From her signature triple collar to her own original prints, ANN's collection screams unconventional edge. The only downside is that we have to wait until the fall to get our hands on it. In the meantime you can satisfy your need to stand out at where you can purchase her spring collection, also available in selected stores. 

Quiet about Migraine Headaches? Study finds people stay quiet.

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Migraines are not just a headache. They are excruciating, often a pulsating and throbbing pain that can make the head feel as if it will explode. Some sufferers experience auras or vision changes, some vomit and some lock themselves in a dark, silent room until the pain subsides.

A new study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing Lincoln Division and Bryan Health, finds relief may not be in a pill bottle but in some relatively easy tweaks in lifestyle -- from what you eat, how much you sleep and how much you exercise.

“Generally, narcotics aren’t that effective and aren’t appropriate for chronic headaches,” said Nancy Waltman, professor of nursing and nurse practitioner at the UNMC College of Nursing Lincoln Division. “The best treatment is a combination of dietary changes, adjustments in sleep and exercise, avoiding triggers and preventative medication.''

Waltman and Catherine Parker, nurse manager in Employee Health Services at Bryan Medical Center, conducted the 12-month study together. They had 80 participants -- all employees and students at Bryan Medical Center between the ages of 25 and 67.

Analyzing data of 28 participants, Waltman and Parker found a significant decrease in frequency (76 percent) and severity (31 percent) of migraines when participants simply adjusted their lifestyles. And 66 percent of those taking part in the study said their perception of disability due to headaches also had decreased.

“We’ve found that a lot of women remain silent and don’t get treated for their migraines,” Waltman said.

An estimated 28 million Americans suffer from debilitating migraine headaches.

Less than half of them will get diagnosed or seek help. Instead, they will suffer through the symptoms by isolating themselves, taking over-the-counter medicines and calling in sick to work, to school and to life.

Migraines are three times more common in women than they are in men.

Dave Coulier + John Stamos Lesbians (LOL)

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George Sanchez-Calderon
Christopher Carter
Nicola Costantino
Johnny Robles
Kiki Valdes
Jel Martinez
Constanza Piaggio 
David Marsh
JeanPaul Mallozzi
Ruben Ubiera
Presented by: 
The Rozenblum Foundation
The Michael Margulies Artist Agency 

Curator: Kiki Valdes
8:00pm - 11:00pm
2155 Washington Court Suite 109
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(Behind Bass Museum) 





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George Sanchez-Calderon
Christopher Carter
Nicola Costantino
Johnny Robles
Kiki Valdes
Jel Martinez
Constanza Piaggio 
David Marsh
JeanPaul Mallozzi
Ruben Ubiera

2155 Washington Court #109
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(Behind Bass Museum) 
8pm - 11pm 

Curator: Kiki Valdes


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I am primarily an Actor by trade. Pilot season is usually a six week run between February and the end of March when available actors audition non stop to book the coveted pilot. This year around 100 pilots are being made, a vast number of which will never even be seen, in fact more than the majority. A lucky few will make it to our TV screens, and even fewer will make it through the season. A handful will be renewed for a second season, and the most fascinating part is that it is entirely luck of the draw. We can all make educated guesses, but no one really knows what will or won't make the cut. 

In what way is this related to a style blog? Two ways, the first being a pardon for my absence. As much as I would love to blog all day everyday, during these few months I'm afraid I'll barely take a photo. The second is that every audition is for a different character. Each character has an identity, and the fastest way to translate your understanding of the characters identity is in your appearance.

So far in the past week I have been a young mother, a children's book editor, a beachy surfer chick, a cop, a very intelligent understated woman shopping for berries, a "can't get my shit together" personal trainer, a witch, and tomorrow I will be a lawyer. None of the above dress anything like me. In fact I think it's safe to say my version of style is rarely perfect for the part. My closet has to have costume options at all times, a plain suit I would never wear, chunky doctor shoes, a bright pink push up bra that should have been laid to rest years ago.... when you think about it, it's really quite fascinating. The way you dress say's so much about who you are, so... who do you want to be? And unlike the many girls dragging out their short black mini's to play "hot girl" you don't have to fit into anyone else's vision.... isn't that LIBERATING? WHO ARE YOU? Have some fun in your closet today and find out.