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Dayna Delux

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Hey all, we have a quick chat with Dayna Delux. She has a new family and while we caught up with her she was in the middle of a move. We are glad she had some moments to answer some questions. - Sexy Riot

How's Vegas?

Vegas is great most of the time. The weather has been odd though.

Do you gamble at all?

Not a big gambler. I might throw a dollar or two in a machine or play $20 on a black jack table. I can't stand losing money!

How did you meet your husband? What does he like most about you?

I actually met him at my old bar in Cali. I think he likes me because Im not like all the rest of the girls.



  You grew up in Texas, what was that like for you?

I suppose it was like any other childhood in any other city. Well, except living with my grandmothers in the country. Shooting guns, playing in the lake, and having tons of animals around. That was the best times!

  What were you like in high school, would anyone be shocked at what you are doing now?

I was a nerd. I'm not really sure if they would be shocked. I was into acting then so they'd probably not be surprised.

Who was the first photographer you worked with? How was that experience?

Wow I can't think of the first which would've been when I was really young. When I started modeling again my first was Danni from Cat Fight studios. She is awesome.

Where could new fans find you?

Everywhere! Facebook, myspace, my website, Twitter, and so on.

What was the last concert you attended?

Skinny Puppy

Do you hit the road at all?

Not since I had the baby. Life has mellowed out a lot.

Any current projects you would like to share with us?

Im not at liberty to talk about them right now. Fingers crossed you'll see them in the future.

Favorite BBQ joint and why?

Not a big fan of meat especially on the bone. I know, its crazy! I'm really not into BBQ

What's the sexiest part of a man's personality?

His humor.

What got you into modeling?

Ha, my mom back when I was 12.

Favorite Burger joint, and why?

In-N-Out burger because its great and cheap!

What are you attracted to most about a man?

Personality.. he's got to make me laugh and keep me interested.

You studied acting, do you think it reflects what you do today? Where else would you like to take it?
For sure, It gave me the ability to show emotion not only through words. I would love to be able to act again. Ill go where ever the road takes me.

What do you do when your not in front of the camera?

Take care of my husband and baby.

"I was a nerd. I'm not really sure if they would be shocked. I was into acting then so they'd probably not be surprised."