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Jayme Foxx

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a quickie with

Friends, welcome to another issue of Sexy Riot. I’ve wanted to update issues sooner but the models we pick are not always the easiest to find. We care about maintaining a certain quality of models that reflect the subculture we like. So, if you are model you think deserves to be included in this webzine let us know! Anyway, let’s get started on a petite discussion with the lovely Jayme Foxx. Again, the authority of the internet made me aware of this true dark haired splendor. When I saw her I knew she would be a perfect fit for our webzine. If you don’t know about Ms. Foxx, we are glad you got to see her first on here. Cheers.  - Sexy Riot


Okay, first question. If you had to say what kind of model you are, what would you say?
I don't like to put myself into categories.. Because that limits my job :) I model and I also do hosting.

You got the whole punk vibe going, were you into punk rock growing up? if so what bands did you follow?
Oh Yes!! that was the scene I grew up in... I love 7 Seconds, Nobodys, the Queers, Pinhead Gunpowder, Misfits ...

What are your favorite shoots to date?
wow.. that's a hard question to answer... hmm well id have to say the Callowlily photos by photographer Michelle X Star.. Callowlily paints and makes jewelry that emulate her paintings... Michelle and Callowlily decided to create real pics replicating the paintings.. so it made the paintings more of a reality.. they turned out so cool and i was flattered to be asked to be apart of it all :)

You are getting married? How does your fiance feel about your modeling?
he is highly supportive.. he is so encouraging and helpful.. he is awesome

What do you think about Suicide girls, have they ever approached you ?
too be honest.. I'm not a fan of nude modeling.. Its just not for me.. Anyone can get naked in front of a camera and call themselves a model.. I don't need the attention or to be disrespectful to my body .. It can be an art form but suicide girls is just not for me..

How did you get into the whole modeling thing, what got you started?

well I was 12 and i started modeling for Limited Too (clothing line) I just started making it more of my main focus within the last 7 years

Any new shoots we should know about?
well I also dabble in TV hosting.. I work for Royal Artist Club
I travel all over the world and interview bands for their latest tour news and album release. I love hosting.

What do you do when your not modeling?
Well as stated above I host, but other than that ... well I'm just a regular laid back person... I love spending time with my fiancee and my dog.. I'm really quite boring ha ha! (being re-vamped)