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Jennie June Interview

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the conversation:

Welcome! This webzine is all about beautiful, hot and smart women that model. Not just normal models, we prefer to shed light on girls with tattoos, punk rock girls, riot girls and pin up culture. This first issue we wanted to feature one of our favorites, Jennie June. First time I saw her, I was taken back. She's very attractive and a very nice person too. But she has something special you don't see every day in  models. She's striking with a sprinkle of punk rockness! If you haven't seen her, we hope you become a fan. Enjoy.


What was it like growing up in Fort Lauderdale? That area of FL is known for porno. Have you had people go up to you about that type of work. How do you feel about it?

 despite what my pictures may come off as, i'm extremely prude. prude sense of humor. prude morals. i have nothing against people who do porn, its a living BUT i personally would never do it. I've had people offer money for topless shoots and i always refuse. i want to be presentable for any guy i date to bring me home to mommy haha

You got a total punk rock look. Is there genera in modeling big for that?

not at all actually, lots of girls color their hair and take a few phone pictures and BAM they're "models" haha puts me in a tough place because i sort of have to stand my ground in the modeling world and let people know i'm a different kind of alternative model.

You really use the internet for showing what you do, is that how it started for you?

no, when i was younger i use to have long blonde hair and all of my mothers friends would always say how i should model. so one day i sent out my pictures to a small agency and they ate it up like hot cakes haha i started doing little fashion shows around my city and then started using the internet as a booster seat.

Who have been some of the people that have taken your pictures? Which ones have been your favorite?

- Jeff Catt is one of my personal favorites. He is also a friend of mine, I adore him and his work :) also Matt Bigelow, Chelsea Denien, and Chris Martin are some favorite photographers I've worked with.

 How many guys hit on you online? How do you deal with it since there's a lot of weirdos out there.

- I don't tolerate inappropriate idiots haha i know i wont be able to stop all the perverts in the world but i'd like to try haha i don't care if im butt naked in the middle of the street, you have no right to comment on it haha i know everyone says "well if you don't like it then why dress the way you do in photos" my answer to that is "bite me.. i wear bikinis in photos and thats no less than what i'd wear to the beach". point is tons of guys hit on me everyday. they say the most ridiculous things but it doesn't do anything for me. i appreciate the compliments but it stops there.

You are in a relationship? Tell us about that. I'm sure your fans are dying to know

- i am, i'm extra private when it comes to boys. lots of "word on the street" type situations come up where people think im dating this and that guy from this and that band but they have no idea haha lets just say any guy i'm dating earned it haha

 So, your half french? Do you speak it? What else are you mixed up with?

i'm french and native american, i speak french but only when i'm in a fight with someone haha :-)

How did you get into modeling? Where do you want to take it?

i want to take it to where ever it can take me!! it's the only "job" i have ever had that hasn't bored me yet haha the people you meet are amazing and though not all are good people it's an adventure that my friends will never experience.

You must be freezing your ass off in Chicago. Can't believe you left South FLA. Must be hard doing photo shoots?

the other day i was shooting w/ matt bigelow on the roof of a building and my fingers turned blue! haha chicago is much different but the city and its people are amazing.

Where are some sites and places people can view your work?

What are some of the things people don't know about you? Hobbies and other interests?

umm, the biggest thing people don't know about me.. or wouldn't expect from me, i guess is that i'm not a party animal haha i may have pink hair but i honestly stay home everyday and play with my gerbil and watch harry potter EVERYDAY!! i don't drink or smoke. i don't think its famine to be seen doing such things and i'm totally not exciting haha

Your pink hair is your trademark in my eyes, any other colors coming along?

i actually just colored my hair brown! my hair is what most people identify me by but the more success i come across the more i'll make sure to knock down those walls. i want to be known for my face. or my banging bod haha (bad joke)

Any type of photography you want to try? What will you stay away from?

i will without a doubt stay away from perverted amateur type shoots. maybe high fashion is my next step.

Would you ever be an artists model? :-)

i've never been asked to do that before, but whooo knows!!

Top favorite bands out right now?

brighten, breathe electric, loquat, chromeo, imogen heap

Anything you have learned along the way doing modeling thus far? any advice to younger girls staring out?

i've learned who i am as a person. meeting as many sketchy people as i've meet only showed me what NOT to do. advice wise, DONT and i mean DO NOT get wrapped up in the whole drama/crap talking/rumor scene.. KNOW who you're hanging out with. sit down with yourself, and figure out what kind of person you want to be, who you are right now, what improvements you can make, and the steps it takes to get there.


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