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Ana Lindfjeld

Posted 2011-09-02 16:12:50 | Views: 20,031

Yes, here's another exclusive issue of Sexy Riot. Welcome folks! We are so glad you are here with us  right now.  Oh man, are we glad we got to sit down with Anne Lindfjeld! First off this is our first international issue. What we mean by that is Anne is actually Danish. If you don't know her face you would if you were a hand-banger living in Europe. She now lives in the states and is totally kicking some ass. I'm not gonna get into details. Find out more about Anne with our cool interview. Cheers - Sexy Riot

























































Any plans to put out a new calendar?

Not right now, Ill be doing a single month though for a danish charity organization for children with cancer for 2010.

What plans do you have this summer?

Well right now I'm in California for a month, hanging out with friends, doing some different shoots with some of my good friends and favorite photographers out here. There's gonna be a lot of pictures, magazine covers and catalog shots and stuff coming up very soon.





What are some unexpected opportunities that have come your way from modeling?

I think it's very hard to say if thing's happen because of my modeling or, because I'm actually a reliable and decent person that's easy to work with, shows up on time and always grabs the chances and opportunities that comes my way. I feel I've worked very hard to get where I am right now, and that's not really all that far, compared to many. I still have a regular job which I love and need to keep sane. Ultimately Happiness is on the top of my list, way above money or fame or any of that.


How did you get involved with MTV? 

They hit me up on Myspace, and had a show they wanted me to try out for. Headbangersball. That ended up being my show for 4 years, and during that time I hosted MTV NEWS and Let There Be Rock, a show I created, too.

Anything you learned from TV that can be applied to modeling?

It's pretty much the other way around. I have though learned a lot from doing TV that I can now use when I do commercials and film.

How did it feel being on the cover of national and international magazines?

Well the first couple of times I was extremely proud. I still am but as I've gotten better, and learned my worth as a professional model, I've also gotten picky about the magazines I choose to appear in and the photographers I wanna work with. I'm not gonna do a cover just to do it.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

Ultimately I'd love to shoot with Terry Richardson, or David Lachapelle. But the people that makes me look the best, that I love working with the most, that are the most amazing people to be around and makes the coolest pictures i think is Andy Hartmark, Ama Lea and Michelle Star.





What metal bands are you listening to these days?

Currently I listen to DOWN and Faith No More a lot

What other music are you really into that readers may not know of?

For sleeping a good friend turned me into, EXPLOTIONS IN THE SKY, for BBQ or just chillin it's always SUBLIME I love PUSCIFER and STOLEN BABIES some super cute chicks to also check out is KERLI and SARAH BLACKWOOD

What was it like working with Suicide Girls?

It was cool, I just kinda got over it when it got too big. Plus I felt I was better off doing my own thing. But they were always super cool too, they still are. I still talk to Missy every now and then.


You don’t do nudes anymore, any reason?...or do you?

No not really, I'm kinda over it, I've done a couple topless shots for PLAYBOY, since SG, but thats about it. I'd do nudes for PB again, or for David Lachapelle.... or if a shoot really called for it and it was for artistic reasons. But just to do it. No. I just don't see the point. I guess I find it too easy.

Any learning lessons you can give to the younger women starting out in the field?

Start posing in front of the mirror. Find your good sides and bad sides. Learn how to work the lights. KNOW that modeling is not easy. A pretty face and a good body is not gonna cut it. If you're not extremely blessed by nature you must always eat right, work out, take good care of your skin, hair, nails etc. Find a good photographer. Have some pictures taken, and send them out to some of the companies or agents that you'd like to work with. I'd suggest getting an agent...... always.


Is it true your good friends with Jesse James?

we are friends yes.

How do you feel about all of the scandals with him?

I think people need to mind their own fucking business.

Do you think it gives people a bad imagine of tattooed women and modeling at all?

There’s a lot more curiosity now. If people think differently about tattooed woman, or tattooed models, because of some guys sleeping around. Then people are sadder than and more pathetic than I would have ever thought.



"There’s a lot more curiosity now. If people think differently about tattooed woman, or tattooed models, because of some guys sleeping around. Then people are sadder than and more pathetic than I would have ever thought."

Makani Terror is Terrifying!

Posted 2011-05-21 22:46:50 | Views: 20,748

Makani Terror


totally Terrifying beauty. 


Makani Terror is a ALT model based out of Oberhausen, Germany. She's been on our radar for some time and we hope to have an interview with her in the near future. Meanwhile, check out her Facebook fanpage and join! 

Fanny Maurer New Photos

Posted 2011-05-18 14:48:42 | Views: 23,280



 We discovered these new photos of Fanny Maurer on her blog. We interviewed her a while ago for Sexy Riot. Stay tuned for us to update that interview on here.

"I have NO diet. I eat whatever I wanna eat, I have hips, a little belly and will not change my habits for modeling. I wanna live good in my private life as well and my boyfriend likes my body haha, so I'm okay with it too."


Lissa Lee on Dreams

Posted 2011-05-10 20:28:11 | Views: 22,985

"I dream A LOT. I always remember them when I first wake up but I forget majority of them about 10 minutes later. The most recent dream I can remember was about a zombie apocalypse in an old western town. It was pretty intense. I think the dream meant…I love zombies and gore…and apparently westerns."

Dream Girl Lissa Lee on Dreams







Posted 2011-05-09 11:12:11 | Views: 21,876



Dear friends, welcome to the latest issue of Sexy Riot. I'm so very excited! Our latest issue features the infamous Apnea! We have been working months trying to lock down this interview.


At first we didn't think we would get it, but after she responded to us via email we knew magic would happen! If you haven't seen her face then  you have been living under a rock somewhere. You would have seen her on print media, the internet or even in some paintings by pop surrealists and contemporary artists. She's very good about updating her blog and personal website. This chick is on it. She has very seductive features and her photo work just pulls you in! This is huge for us to feature Apnea. We are very grateful to her for taking some questions from us. Enjoy the read folks! - Sexy Riot









You do a lot of work with your boyfriend, how does that work out?

Lately I have been doing a lot of video work with Chase. We've been shooting a full length movie together with me and some other beautiful naked ladies for the last five months in ten different states.But as far as photos go, we don't shoot as often as people assume we do. Don't get me wrong, we love our jobs, but it's still work. So we don't work when we don't have to work =P If you look on my site most of my content lately has been shot by Corwin Prescott, Dave Dawson, Steve Prue and Cynthia Davila.

How often do you do a photo shoot?

I shoot in blasts. I'll book two dozen shoots in a two week period and then take a break for a few weeks and go out and do it again. I always make sure I have enough content to update my website for a few months in advance.

If you had to give up one forever, which one would you give up and why? Sex or modeling.

I wasn't born with a primal instinct to model, so I'd give that up.

Heh, the Discovery Channel would be funny if it had shows about lions and birds modeling. Now I have that Bloodhound Gang song stuck in my head...thanks a lot, interview question. I didn't ever want to think about that song again.

You have been in many videos, which ones and how is that compared to being photographed?

I've been in way more photos than videos. I've shot for three full length movies. One was a horror movie, one was a drama and one is the erotic film Chase is making, and somehow they were all shot three years apart from each other but will probably all be coming out at the same time. I also shoot short movies for my site. Here's a preview of the last video Chase made :

I prefer being in videos. I've fulfilled my personal goals as far as photography and I'm ready to move on to my next feat.



You seem to be a muse among many artists. Who are some? Do most personally know you or just by print or computer monitor?

I quit coming up with the concepts for most of my shoots a couple of years ago. Everyone that I have been working with lately except for some of the painters have become personal friends of mine that I talk to on a regular basis.

Tell us about your blog? Your blog is very informative and updated more often then most models…

My blog has gone through a lot of transformations. It used to just be a tab on my site that I was required to update every day, so it sucked really bad. It would be 365 entries a year, each about three or four sentences long about my cat and what I ate that day. After I lifted that rule I would only write when I felt like I had something with remotely any substance to say, so my blogs started to become stronger. Then after I started dating Chase I really got into his blog. He was a permanent blogger on Nerve and was required to post photos with every entry. I thought it made his blog way more interesting than just text so now I always try to have photos to post as well.Sometimes it will just be photos of a new set on my site and sometimes it's photos from my phone with writing. My blog has been doing very well and occasionally I'll post on the erotic blog site I co-own,

Where is your family from? Your look is unique no doubt.

The only exotic thing about being white is being white from one country of origin. Both sides of my family are very French, and my dad's side has a little English.

  "I can tie a cherry stem into a knot inside my mouth. With a citrus peel and a lighter I can make a fire ball. Basically I know a lot of bar tricks, and I don't even drink or go to bars."


You did a photo shoot in the nude while in the snow, how was that…how did that feel?

Steve had ten minutes to shoot that, and that's all it took for my "Christian places" to lose all feeling. You should have seen me, running up the stairs of the apartment with latex pants around my ankles in my heels rubbing my hands between my legs praying for the feeling
to come back. A few minutes of hot water later and I was good to go.

Was it weird in the beginning going out and knowing a lot of people know what you look like naked?

I had always imagined it was more akward for the other people to know what I looked like naked.

Love your tats, tell us about the one on the middle of your chest.

Jon Glessner at Ghost Town in Old Ellicott City, Maryland tattooed my cameo. He's since then moved to Erie, PA. I collect cameos so I decided to get one permanently installed on my chest. I did a ton of research online to make sure I wasn't ripping off someone else's tattoo before I got it done and after I found nobody that had the same thing I rushed to get it done. Chase gave me the idea to put the acanthus from the dollar bill behind the lady. Glessner also tattooed my swans on my left thigh, the pinup on my right thigh and one of my favorite tattoos of Chase's . I love him and highly recommend him to everyone.

How do you feel you affect the type of modeling you do? What are you contributing to it thus far?

All I can contribute is myself. Other than that I don't personally feel like I'm bringing much new to the table, that's one of the reasons I want to work more with video because there's more room for making a mark there.

Does size matter?

According to the new airline policies on baggage, size matters a lot. That's what you meant, right?

Lounges, bars, clubs or live music venues?

I live in a small mountain town over three hours away from an airport, so that should give you an idea of how much I like the party scene. In other words, I don't like the party scene. I have social anxiety.

What do you wear to bed?

I just wear a shirt and panties. Sorry =(

You sell some clothing on your site, tell us a little bit more about that...

More merch will be coming soon, keep checking back to see the new stuff we're making.

What can people find on your official website, it seems pretty exclusive..

40+ videos and almost 15,000 photos. I've been shooting for my site since 2005 so my transformations are documented thoroughly. Weight goes up, weight goes down. Hair gets short, hair gets long. Hair goes blonde! Back to black. Hair is a normal color now? Wow and it's getting naturally long...a new tattoo here, a new one there, one being removed there...

Then there's the quality! As the industry standard of quality changed so did mine. So you can watch the progression of my wardrobe, set, photo size and quality improve over the years. And especially the videos! My newest videos blow away my old ones! My old ones are amateur, and I'm not saying that's bad, I mean that has it's charm too, but I'm very happy to have the assortment of content I have.

Is it hard to maintain friends while doing modeling?

My friends are spread out all over the country so I only get to talk to them online and on the phone but it's been easy to maintain friendships.

What are some talents that you have that most may not know about yet.

I can make an origami crane really fast out of a bar napkin. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot inside my mouth. With a citrus peel and a lighter I can make a fire ball.
Basically I know a lot of bar tricks, and I don't even drink or go to bars. My useless talents are useless.

Do you like stripclubs?

I love black strippers so much. When I die I want to go to the Tipdrill music video.

Summer time is coming up, any plans?

I'll hopefully spend most of it in my swimsuit when I'm not at my computer! My birthday is at the end of July so I'm trying to get a fun group of people together for a camping trip in our neck of the woods.

Whats a day like with you?

It's really never the same. I have no routine. I never eat the same thing for breakfast. I travel in no particular schedule in no particular order of cities. I wake up and go to bed at all different hours. I go through phases of different music I listen to on repeat.

Favorite photoshoot to date and why?

It's a toss up between the time I shot in a petting zoo, and the time last week Megan Martinez, Cynthia Davila and I spent five hours covering all my tattoos then I got to wear Lacoste and Chanel and look like an upstanding member of society

Pin-Up Wonder Woman - Micheline Pitt

Posted 2011-04-19 23:09:50 | Views: 24,460



Micheline Pitt and photographer Rick Miller did a great job with this pin-up style superhero shoot. We are so used to seeing the typical shoots that get so boring. This is exciting and totally has a vintage edge! Too bad there aren't that many pictures on the web for this. The one above I don't even think is apart of the set since it appears more grainy. We are looking forward to seeing more.


Leah Jung

Posted 2011-04-16 16:32:11 | Views: 23,412

Welcome all, so glad your here to enjoy our latest edition of Sexy Riot. I think its plain to see what we are about. We make sure 100% of the time we show you the best in alterative style modeling. So we discovered our latest cover girl Leah Jung online. The web is such a great place to discover some really rad models. Not to take credit away from all of their hard work, the net is just bad ass for making the communication and contacting so much easier. I know Leah knows what we are talking about, and I'm sure every model out there today gets it too. It's a great thing, just like these photos! Wow! I can't wait to see what Leah has next. Check her out and make sure to begin following her career. - Sexy Riot



So you removed by laser your first tattoo? What made you do that? Any advice for people getting their first tattoo. How should people go about it?

I have had two areas lasered... a small spot on my forearm was lightened and covered, and theres a large tattoo on my back that still needs a few more removal sessions. It's not fun at all. I just want better looking tattoos than what they were. To help ensure you'll never regret your nk, go to a professional tattoo shop after doing a lot of research online. Come with an idea of what you want and be prepared to work with the artist to create or modify it. A good artist will have input about the size and positioning at the least. Be prepared to spend $100-$200 per hour. Some shops you can walk into and walk out with a tattoo... some you have to make appointments. Stop into a few'll know when/if you're ready.

Who does your tattoos now?

I don't have anything in progress right now...time to start a new piece with a new artist.

So I hear you only know men that take pictures, do you get out much?

haha, not lately. I work full time, go to school, model...I joke though, I have friends.

You're an off and on model right? Tell us about your day job.

Modeling was a hobby I didn't actively pursue, up until last year. I work as a law editor during the day, and now work on my art in every other spare moment I have until I can transition from one career into the next smoothly.


You sing too, tell us more about that.

I sing, sing, sing. As soon as picture projects cool down, I'm recording some songs. I like Fiona Apple a lot.

Do you get to perform often?

I'll look into playing live again when I get some material and some fans, haha

What are you inspired by for your modeling?

The places I go, the potential of simple things, asking "how?" and "why?" when I see other pictures.

Is it true blondes have more fun?

I hope that something like that has no connection to hair color. I have fun with whichever color I wake up with.

How is love for you currently?

I really love my friends Ace and Karen's puppy, Rambo. He gives good doggy smooches.

Any other shoots coming up?

Tomorrow I'm shooting with Marietta Fotographia from Spain...all kinds of stuff in the month of May.

Favorite museum artists?

I really like Dali, Goya, and Italian Renaissance painters.

Any creepy stories while shooting?

Not really, everyone I've worked with has been pleasant so far... strangers stare at me and say creepy things sometimes.

What keeps you away from modeling, and what draws you to it?

Its fun, I feel confident about it, but its a lot to handle. You have to be smart, organized, and have a tough shell.

Do you ever work with other models? If so who would you work with?

I love working in a group or as a team. I have not had many opportunities though. There are plenty of models I'd love to meet...mostly alternative models. Birds of a feather, ya know?

Do you want kids?

I don't have mom gets upset if I don't answer "not yet" instead of "not in this lifetime"

Tell us something you have never said or expressed ever in an interview.

I used to skateboard. Not well. I could ride it around the skatepark. Going off curbs was a huge accomplishment.

Favorite candy?


Favorite drink?


Are you most attracted physically to men that look like you?...tattoos etc

They must also be blonde, blue eyed, and have a 23 inch waist.

Any modeling you wouldn't do?

Sure... I turn down shoots all the time. Depends on many factors. I try not to do any modeling thats forgettable.

Any words of wisdom to the younger models starting out?

Confidence! Take matters into your own hands whenever someone else hesitates.

"I used to skateboard. Not well. I could ride it around the skatepark. Going off curbs was a huge accomplishment."

Michelle "Bombshell" is too good for Sexy Riot?

Posted 2011-04-13 13:48:18 | Views: 28,108

  Michelle "Bombshell" Mcgee

Where are you?

We here at Sexy Riot have tried to email Ms. Bombsell for months but got nothing. Very few turn us down. Just about everyone we have contacted gets back to us. Why hasn't Mcgee? She too fly for us? Whats the deal? If you know her, holler at her to holler at us about an interivew!


Megan Renee

Posted 2011-04-07 11:58:03 | Views: 21,724

What are your top 5 things to do outside of modeling?

Spending time with MaryJane, going to events or shows, beach with my dogs and man, shopping and getting tattooed :)

Do you have friends that are models?

 If so tell us about some of them Yeah I have quite a few, including my best friend, Andrea Darling. All my model friends are hot bitches.. haha ;)

How did you get involved in modeling?

I was introduced to modeling through a good friend of mine. Thanks Jenna Bela Boo <3

Are you gonna explore more with nude modeling in the future?

Probably not, unless Mr. Hefner gives me a call

Where can we find you online?

 Hmm, everywhere! haha, some good sites you can find me on are:

and much more!

You have a pretty round ass for a white girl, ha...where is your family from? haha!

Well my dad is full German and my mom is German and a little bit of French, so.. yeah I guess Germans get back too cause I got it from my mama!

Whats your favorite part in being in front of the camera?

I love everything about being in front of a camera, I feel thats when I shine, I feel most comfortable and myself :-)

What is your biggest turn on?

Yummilious tattoos <3


We made it to issue 10!! Wow! It seemed like just yesterday we came up with the concept for this webzine. The overall response and professionalism from all models has been the driving force behind Sexy Riot. I think I'll celebrate tonight, maybe enjoy a few drinks at the nearest dive. I would love to invite Megan Renee with us to have some drinks. Megan is the latest model we interview! She's hot, young and has an amazing apple bottom. Sorry, just stating facts. We can't really invite Megan out with us folks, for one shes not even 21 yet!! She has a bright career in front of her. Okay, so enjoy our 10th issue as we introduce you to Megan Renee. Take it away!
Cheers - Sexy Riot



Do you work out?

Yeah I try to go to the gym at least three times a week

Has anyone ever recognized you in the street?

YES! It was awesome, and kind of weird haha

What are you playing on your ipod these days?

 I listen to a lot of Biggie, Too $hort, 2pac, and then I have a ton of 80s hair metal bands :)

Could you ever date someone that didn't have tattoos?

Hell no, damn pussy

What do your parents think about what you do?

They are very supportive and proud!

Do you have a website?

Yes but it is still in the making :)

Do you take any private modeling pictures, that we will never see ?

No I do not haha

What do you think about Obama?

No comment

Any last words to models starting out?

Don't be a catty bitch, keep your boundaries and limits and make that money!!

Eye Catcher: Amanda Stone from Orlando Florida

Posted 2011-04-02 01:09:14 | Views: 23,777

       amanda stone

Word on the street Amanda doesn't model much. Her whole thing is doing hair and working the salon. But, we couldn't help to post these pictures. Maybe in a feature addition we'll add her in Sexy Riot. She's an eye catcher!

SEXY RIOT: Eye Catcher Post