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Black Cat Bad Luck Events

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Curious events and folklore tales are plentiful in history, which propagated myths about bad luck and black cats. King Charles I of England owned a black cat. The day the cat died, the story goes that he proclaimed, "Alas, my luck has run out." He was arrested for high treason.


Part of Babylonian folklore includes a cat curled up in front of a fireplace to be symbolic of an evil serpent. Since cats have exceptional night vision, some folks believe the myth that cats can see ghosts.


Ages ago, if a farmer suspected that his land had been cursed, the only method to remove the spell was to shoot a black cat with a silver bullet. It was also believed that if an unexpected misfortune fell upon a village where an old woman owning a black cat resided, she would be accused of witchcraft, and she and her feline companion would be burned at the stake. The black cat certainly has had its share of vicious folklore.





Edgar Allan Poe Married His 13 Year Old Cousin

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Say Anything...to a 13 Year Old. 



Twenty-six year old Edgar had fallen in love with his cousin, Virginia who was age thirteen. On May 16, 1836, Edgar and Virginia were married by the Reverend Amasa Converse, a Presbyterian minister and the editor of the SOUTHERN RELIGIOUS TELEGRAPH, at the Yarrington boarding house in the presence of T.W. White and his daughter Eliza, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Cleland, William McFarlane, John W. Ferguson, Mrs. James Yarrington, Maria Clemm, and thirteen year old Jane Foster.

I am aware the new film 'The Raven' came out this weekend. To celebrate, here is a little famous fun fact about Mr. Poe. 

ipunk iphone

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Take a picture of the mosh pit. Wait, does that even exist anymore? 

Hell at the Pump

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The Price of Gas

is feeling more and more like hell.























































































Invasion of Tiger Shrimp in the Gulf

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The Attack of the

Tiger Shrimp!

NEW ORLEANS—A big increase in reports of Asian tiger shrimp along the U.S. Southeast coast and in the Gulf of Mexico has federal biologists worried the species is encroaching on native species' territory.


The black-and-white-striped shrimp can grow 13 inches long and weigh a quarter-pound, compared to eight inches and a bit over an ounce for domestic white, brown and pink shrimp. Scientists fear the tigers will bring disease and competition for native shrimp.


US tiger shrimp invasion worry scientists

Shrimp are all bottom feeders, eating detritus and small animals. Bigger shrimp would eat more and these get so big they also eat small shrimp and fish, marine ecologist James A. Morris said.

Reports of tiger shrimp in U.S. waters rose from a few dozen a year -- 21 in 2008, 47 in 2009 and 32 in 2010 -- to 331 last year, from North Carolina to Texas.


"That's a big jump," said Pam Fuller, who keeps a federal invasive species database at the U.S. Geological Survey's Southeast Ecological Science Center in Gainesville, Fla.


And those are just the numbers reported to the government.


"I've had fishermen tell me they have quit bringing them in. They are seeing large numbers in their catch -- multiples per night," said Morris, who works at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research in Beaufort, N.C.


The increase "is the first indication that we may be undergoing a true invasion of Asian tiger shrimp," he said. Keep Reading this Article

The biggest saltwater shrimp in the world, black tigers are cannibalistic as are other shrimp but it’s larger so it can consume the others. In a nutshell, (it can fuck shit up.) -- Via: CNN

Source: Boston

Kick Some Ass

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Don't Be Stupid on Friday

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It's Friday. 

Don't do anything stupid. 

Craigslist Cat Thought Dead is Alive

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Lucky Cat Survives Ice Storm 

Ends Up on Craigslist

PLAISTOW, N.H. -Amie Donnelly thought her cat had died more than three years ago in a New Hampshire ice storm. But the black-and-white cat was too tough for that.


She was reunited with Daisy the cat on Wednesday.

Donnelly, of Derry, was living in Hampstead when she lost Daisy. The cat was spotted by a woman in the neighboring town of Plaistow about a year ago. Linda Hemenway realized the cat was living on her own and sought the help of an animal rescue group. They discovered that 5-year-old Daisy had a microchip that traced her back to Hampstead. But when they called the number, they got another family.


The Eagle-Tribune reports Hemenway kept searching. An ad posted on Craigslist did the trick and led her to Donnelly.

Cat thought to be dead in New Hampshire ice storm turns up on Craigslist. Cat owner reunites with Daisy (The Cat) after being separated for 3 years. 

Amazing Spiderman Sequel Begins Filming in 2013

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 It's easy to forget about the web-slinger among the current Avengers Assemble media fury, but  Spiderman is set to give The Avengers a run for their money later this year when Andrew Garfield steps into the spandex and takes up the role of Peter Parker.

Ahead of the movie's July release, it has been revealed that a sequel is already being penned by writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Speaking about their faith in the writers, the movie's producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad say in a statement: "Alex and Bob have a unique ability to write a great character and spectacular action that makes them pitch perfect for Spider-Man.

"They have an innate understanding of what makes Peter Parker not just a superhero but a hero for us all."

The Amazing Spiderman is due for release on 3 July, 2012.


Spiderman Super Sequels 

Spiderman to shoot in 2013. Sequel for superhero reboot in the works head of summer Spidey return. 

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow - Nike

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Great Ad. 

Rarely do you walk down the street and see an ad that can actually inspires, instead of the typical billboard ads trying to brainwash you. This is actually pretty great and makes you think about your life and things you need to get done. Job well done Nike.