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Alligators Breathe like Birds! Cool!

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University of Utah scientists discovered that air flows in one direction as it loops through the lungs of alligators, just as it does in birds. The study suggests this breathing method may have helped the dinosaurs’ ancestors dominate Earth after the planet’s worst mass extinction 251 million years ago. Via: Science Daily

Breathe Like Birds,


Study Find



Cat Money

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Money over Bitches

Can You Smell A Ghost?

Posted 2012-03-17 00:16:49 | Views: 13,505

What Do Ghosts Smell Like?

Many believers claim that a sure sign a spirit is near is their distinctive aroma. The type of scent a ghost emits can vary depending on the message they want to convey. Let's break it down...



Floral Scents


The most commonly reported odor associated with spirits is the smell of fresh flowers. Rose, lilac, and jasmine, three distinctly different aromas, are attributed to the ghosts of those who have recently passed. Sometimes a floral scent can be connected to a loved one with a particular fondness for a certain flower instead of someone who just crossed over.


Scents of Everyday Life


Some spirits display very unique scents that were closely connected with them in life. These “connection” scents include cigar or pipe smoke, a special perfume or cologne, brewing coffee, and cooking foods. It is thought that these odors are used specifically by the departed to let loved ones know that they are near in times of joy or pain.


Negative Scents


The odors of mildew, rotten eggs or sulfur, and rotting foods are often reported where unhappy or unfriendly spirits are believed to reside. Keep reading...

Is Your Dog Possessed by Satan?

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Give me a bone...

or give me your


1. Your dog barks or growls at religious ministers.


2. When the two of you walk by a cemetery, the animal tries to desecrate the dead – by urinating against a headstone.


3. If you hold a crucifix or Bible in front of your pooch, it snarls, lunges or recoils in fear.


4. Your dog often appears to be listening to secret voices or sounds that you can’t hear. “He may be receiving his marching orders from his true master, Satan,”


5. The canine reacts excitedly to images of death, evil and Satan.


6. The dog attempts to bite or attack innocent children.

Does your dog growl at the sight of a clerical collar? Or gleefully “do its business” on hallowed ground? If so, watch out – your beloved pet maybe possessed!That is the chilling warning of Father Brett Rollins, a leading expert in demonic possession. Here are some warning signs by Father Rollins. Careful doggy...

Ouija Causes Hysteria. Let's Play Then!

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“Use of the ouija board is dangerous, particularly for the belief it often occasions that its manifestations are of an occult nature, when in reality they are but manifestations of the hysterical condition of the individual. There have been many cases of persons becoming hysterical to the point of seeming insanity through the use of these boards."

Dr. Jan Don Ball of Oakland, the noted psychologist, neurologist, and psychiatrist, made the following comment on the El Cerrito situation:


Edgar Allan Poe or Rich.

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What if Edgar Allan Poe were Rich?

Smart Clown

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Smartest clown I ever seen. Scary looking but smart. :-) 

Does Benedict XVI look like The Emperor?

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Does Ron Paul look like Magneto?

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Make Yourself Proud.

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Do yourself a Favor...