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ipod, ipad, ipaid!

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Don't Sweat My Swag

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Trust Me, 

We Won't

     :::: TOOL ALERT



Chocolate Cake Bed

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Oh, Chocolate Cake Bed!

Who wants dessert in bed? Yum.

Play the Fox - Thomas Fuller

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With foxes we must play the fox.

- Thomas Fuller

Photos: Zaytsev Artem





Cockroach Princess

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Sad Cloud

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Why do people dance and sing...

in my pee?

Thinking Cap

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Brain Beanie

Now, that's what I call a thinking cap.

Stan Lee's Greatest Love

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"There is only one who is all powerful, and his greatest weapon is love."




















The Creepy Easter Bunny

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Just a little...just a little...

Cats Are Good At Falling

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Most of the time, a cat will land on his feet when he falls. His body reflexively corrects its course so that by the time he arrives on the ground, his feet are in position to hit first. The height of a cat’s fall determines how well, or how poorly, his legs can absorb the shock of landing.


Veterinarians treating the broken legs and other injuries of cats that survive falls from high-rise apartments noticed that the cats who fell from greater heights, such as more than five stories, often suffered less severe injuries than those falling from just a few floors because the longer drop gave the cats’ bodies more time to right themselves.