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SEO stands for search engine optimization and is focused on organic results of search engines and the opportunity to generate free traffic to any business on the Internet, such as a website, blog or online store. Every company that wants to invest in the Internet must have a digital marketing plan, and that plan cannot miss an effective optimization strategy. So that you can tailor your website to the criteria that will be considered as the best sites for search term, thus achieving a better positioning in the natural results of search. 
The SEO provides traceable and measurable results, regardless if you are an e-commerce or corporate site, so there is no doubt when it comes to ROI. Agencies and SEO specialists are able to control almost every aspect of its strategy, as increases in rankings, traffic and conversions. Analytics codes also provide the opportunity to deepen a more detailed level and verify demographic information and other engagement metrics for people who interacted with your site.
For e-commerce sites, SEO agencies can see which paths users took to complete the sale, through all the steps, from the keyword used in the search to purchase. For institutional sites, you can assign values to your conversions, as in filling out a form on the ‘Contact Us’ and thus calculate the conversion value in your SEO strategy. 
There is a positive correlation between positioning of a website in search results and the amount of visitors coming through the results of the same search on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search site: the better the position, the greater the number of visitors. This relationship tends to be non-linear: studies show that the first results receive more than half of the visitors who perform a given search. Visit  San Diego SEO Expert for more.