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Suicide Squad Is Hitting Our Screens

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Suicide Squad’s First Impressions All of geek culture has been buzzing about Suicide Squad lately. Warner Brothers has been doing a fantastic job with the trailers, constantly hitting it out of the park with critical and fan reception for each new trailer released. 

There have been some concerns that the movie was too dark, though there were rumors that some reshoots may have corrected the problem. There was also some worry that the movie would be inconsistent, since the initial trailer’s tone was quite dark, but many subsequent ones have ramped up on jokes and lightened the mood considerably. It’s left some fans confused as to what kind of film it will end up being. There have been a select few people who have had the privilege of seeing the move ahead of its August release date. Their impressions have been resoundingly positive, which bodes very well for the film.

 Warner Bros is looking for a surefire hit, especially after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice underperformed. That movie made nearly a billion dollars, but it was expected to do much more. So Warner Brothers kind of needs Suicide Squad to do well and to be a critical darling. So far, all signs point to that happening for them. Suicide Squad stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie and features a cameo by Ben Affleck as Batman. Moviegoers will be able to see for themselves if it is any good when it hits theaters later this year. If all goes well, the rumor is that the character of Harley Quinn from the movie will get her own spinoff film.