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Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. Ideas of bathroom remodeling can be taken from magazines. You have a host of websites at your disposal which provide you with ideas which you can use while remodeling your bathroom. 

How to get a lavish bathroom? 
If a lavish bathroom is what you wish for, then there are so many ways to add utmost luxury to your bathroom. You can start with a luxurious whirlpool bathtub or Jacuzzi. You may also opt for a glass-enclosed walk-in shower, large vanity mirrors, etc. All these features certainly make a bathroom look lavish and classy.
Change the mirror frame:
Give your old mirror a makeover by investing in a beautiful mirror frame. It saves you from the trouble of buying a new mirror for your bathroom. 

Make fit-in storage units: 
If there is a space between two wall shelves, transfer it into a storage unit. It will not only change the look of the bathroom but will provide handy for keeping miscellaneous everyday items. Having these vertical storage units will save up the floor space.
The area of the bathroom does not matter:
Even if you have a smaller bathroom, you can still make it look outstanding if you plan the design of your bathroom properly. Incorporating carefully crafted bathroom remodeling ideas can make even a small bathroom look sophisticated and glamorous. Have a planning session and boost up the design of your bathroom with these innovational bathroom remodeling ideas.