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NES Controller (Life Size) Coffee Table

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Furniture and instrument builder Charles Lushear (Venice, CA) built a beautiful and fully functionalNES Controller Coffee Table out of wood. He used the natural hues of mahogany, maple, and walnut wood in place of the original black, gray and red motif. Does someone have too much time on their hands? You be the judge. ;-) 


Coffee Table















Source: Make Zine

The Muppet Flip Flops

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Flip Flops

Havaianas has stepped it up and released these awesome flip flops with Muppets most famous characters. These black pair for men are only $26 on the Havaiana's store website. Check them out!! Via: Havaianas 

Go Green, Go Yogi Bear!

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Who Needs Oil?

Travel Bear.





The Real Hulkamania

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This is what 

looks like...

(Eat your vitamins and say your prayers brother...cuz what cha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!)

Towns Shaking Mysteriously in Wisconsin

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“City officials are still leaning toward this being a natural phenomenon.

“It could be based on the weather, being so warm, being warm early, whether we’ve had less rain, whether there’s things within our ground water, our bedrock below the surface, things like that that could be adjusting that would create these sort of noises,” City Administrator Lisa Kuss said.”


The latest news: “There are reports of more booming sounds 80 miles away. Police in Montello are now investigating similar sounds.”


NBC 15 News Video Report, March 21, 2012:

“It’s the talk of the town in Montello today, a loud rumble last night that was apparently loud enough to shake walls and rattle windows. Last night the police department received several reports of loud noise and a loud rumble around 5:30. Police say they are investigating.”


The “Big Story” in Wisconsin: mystery booms appeared in a second town Tuesday night. The still unexplained phenomena heard by residents in Montello, Wisconsin, 80 miles southwest of Clintonville, the location of mystery booms or ‘blasts’ and shaking that have frightened residentsthree nights in row beginning Sunday night. Ruled out as the cause of the mystery booms and ground shaking in Clintonville: mining, the military, earthquakes, sewer gas, and anything caused by humans. The current theory: the granite bedrock beneath the town is the culprit. Other theories in the comment sections of news reports: The mystery booms are caused by ‘HAARP’, a ‘sinkhole’ beneath Clintonville, or, ‘giant earthworms’.

Mystery Booms, Ground Shaking in Second Wisconsin Town

Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer

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Say what?

The ballsy folks at PCRM.org put up this show-stopping billboard in many different cities with the hopes of bringing awareness that there are studies that suggest Hot Dogs (and processed meats) cause colorectal cancer and/or increase the risks of it.  Read the press release below targeting baseball fans in Miami…

WASHINGTON — A huge billboard near the new Marlins Park stadium will warn fans that eating hot dogs can increase their risk of colorectal cancer. The billboard, sponsored by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, reads “Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer” and directs readers to www.PCRM.org.

Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer: Processed meats increase colorectal cancer risk. The billboard, timed to coincide with the April 4 home opener of the 2012 baseball season in Miami, features a cartoon drawing of a man in a hospital gown, hot dog in one hand, perplexed eyes fixed on his protruding behind. It is located at 600 N.W. 57th Ave.


PCRM has also written to Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria asking him to post warning signs about the link between processed meat and colorectal cancer anywhere in the stadium that hot dogs are sold.

The billboard’s blunt language was prompted by a recent survey showing that a surprising number—39 percent—of Americans do not know where their colon is. The survey also found that one in three Americans does not know what part of the body is more likely to get cancer as a result of eating processed meats frequently.

“A person who averages a hot dog each day increases his risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent,” says PCRM nutrition education director Susan Levin, M.S., R.D. “And many people feed their children bacon for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and pepperoni pizza for dinner. The cumulative risk of all that processed meat can be enormous.” --- Keep reading 


Via: The305

Jack and Coke Office

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In an ideal world...

At work, with Jack and Coke...you make it work! 

Hundreds of Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore

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On beaches in Peru well over 600 dead dolphins have been found by conservationists from an organization called BlueVoice.org. The head of this group was quoted in MSNBC as saying the deceased dolphin count is 615, but on the the Blue Voice blog, the number was said to be potentially much higher by a marine mammal rescue director in Peru. In fact the Blue Voice blog says the stranding could be the largest dolphin mortality event yet recorded.


“I was stunned to hear we’d counted over 200 dolphins. We hit a length of beach no more than 100 yards long in which we found ten dolphins of varying levels of decomposition. The numbers continued to mount. By the time the rising tide forced us off the beach the count had reached 615, counted over 135 kilometers,” said a Blue Voice employee who visited Peru.


It sounds like there could be many more. It isn’t clear yet exactly what caused the deaths. One speculation is sonic testing conducted by oil companies, because it is believed the very loud noises can cause internal bleeding in dolphins. (Sound travels faster in water, than in air.)

“We have been noting that the animals were suffering from acute decompression syndrome – that is to say, a violent death produced by an acoustic boom that disorients the animal and produces haemorrhages which cause the animal to end up dying on the beach,” said ORCA director Dr Carlos Yaipen. (Source: 3news) Another speculation is that a disease caused an epidemic.

In the United States an increase in deadly dolphin strandings in the Gulf has been tied to habitat damage due to the huge oil catastrophe, a situation which is ongoing because there is still some oil in the Gulf.



Why are hundreds of dead dolphins ending up on the coast of Peru?

Whoa: Over 600 Dolpins 

Via: Care2



5 Legged Dog

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"How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."

 - Abraham Lincoln

Mr. and Mrs Pac Man get Married

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Pac Man Wedding Cake? Yeah!!

I love that grooms' cakes can be a way to interject a little fun into wedding receptions, especially when they perfectly capture a groom's personality. This Pac Mac groom's cake from The Domestic Scientist is a perfect example. Complete with a keepsake Sculpey topper, it was a huge hit with the groom. Read more about how and why it was made over on The Domestic Scientist blog.