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LA's Emily J. Synder

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Los Angeles artist and friend Emily J Snyder gave me LIFE with her Jerome Rousseau collaboration. Each pair is custom and handmade by Snyder with 7000+ beads including coral, freshwater pearls, vintage Czech crystals and a whole lot of love. Totally worth more than the $6,500 price tag. Wearable sculpture and a dream come true in the form of a shoe that fits like a glove...and shines like the sun.

Butcher Shop in Ocean Drive

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A canopy of globe lights strung over communal tables beckon wanderers into The Butcher Shop, a beer garden-grill hybrid hidden on a nondescript street in Wynwood. On the patio, bartenders sling craft brews, shots of flavored moonshine, and martinis ornamented with olives stuffed in-house. Inside the former warehouse space, a 24-foot meat case showcases the stuff of a carnivore’s dream: duck sausage, lamb and feta burgers, USDA Prime Black Angus beef, and mettwurst the German employees of Fred Niznik fondly call “the closest thing to home.” 

Butcher Shop Press from Ocean Drive 

Pittzza at Iron Side's Giovanni Galiardi

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Giovanni Gagliardi is the heart and soul of Pittzza at Iron Side. Winner of the International Pizza Challenges in Las Vegas, Maestro Gagliardi has a hefty twenty-five years of background under his belt as a “Pizzaiolo”. Giovanni, “La Leggenda” in Napoli, Italy. Overflowing with Napolitano gusto, Giovanni is not on the menu, but will garnish your experience at Pittzza at Iron Side.

Beyonce on How Men Are.

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"When you really don't like a guy, they're all over you, and as soon as you act like you like them, they're no longer interested."

What It Takes to Open a Brewery

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With more than 2,700 breweries currently operating in the U.S. and the craft beer industry enjoying a steady growth rate, there's no doubt why the business of producing beer is gaining unprecedented momentum -- expanding faster than any other time since prohibition ended. 

There was a 15% increase in new breweries from 2012 to 2013 alone and 2014 looks like it will top those numbers! Great news for all the beer drinkers - as availability and selection border on gluttonous. But planning and starting a brewery is far from quick and easy and definitely not for the casual businessperson, faint of heart, impatient or corner-cutter. The industrial brewery environment requires skills and procedures that come from safe brewing experience and is an unforgiving place for the inexperienced. 

Process of opening a brewery, some of what it takes to go from brooding to brewing...
That said, love of beer alone will not take a brewer or brewery very far - because going from grain to glass is a multi-dimensional undertaking requiring passion, experience, and sweat. Beyond the initial investment expenses and acquisition of equipment brewhouse, fermenters, kegs, barrels, space - there is the lengthy, tedious and careful process of state and federal permitting. Then readying the facility is where the focus moves to drains, flooring, and coolers.
Picking and getting the right location, equipment, and recipes can have lasting repercussions making or breaking the brewery when it comes time to expand. Recipe research and formulation selecting beers for our portfolio ñ is also an area where we dedicate a huge amount of time and energy. Opening a brewery is as exciting as it is scary. Combining different malts, hops and yeast to create unique beers is what gets us going, and the pint at the end of the tunnel we're working toward is bringing our creations to the masses.

Don't sink my boat.

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"Comically Aligned Chaos" by Amir Fallah

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"Comically Aligned Chaos" ...that sounds about right...We are excited to highlight this work from Amir Fallah - watercolor, ink, collage, color pencil on paper mounted on canvas, 48" diameter
Amir H. Fallah is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Amir received his B.F.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art and his M.F.A from UCLA in 2005. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Exhibits include shows at Weatherspoon Art Museum, The Sharjah Biennial 2009, LA Louver, The Third Line, Gallery Wendi Norris, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, Cherry And Martin, 31 Grand, Frederieke Taylor gallery, Mary Goldman Gallery among others.

Something Special

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"I want to give you something very special"
- Grace 

"You get what you deserve."

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"You get what you deserve"
- Grace 

Deaths from Police Shootings?

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First Toast with First Brew!

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First Toast! 
First toast with first brew! MDXIII Golden Ale! 08/27/2014

Featured Artist: Patrick Strzelec

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Featured artist on is sculptor Patrick Strzelec.
P A T R I C K S T R Z E L E C 
Patrick Strzelec makes abstract sculpture. He has been a recipient of numerous awards in sculpture, including the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, the Ballingkillings Project in Ireland, the Rome Prize, Rome, Italy, the National Endowment for the Arts, and numerous New Jersey State Council for the Arts grants. Patrick has shown with the Michael Schultz Gallery, Berlin; Jay Grimm Gallery, New York City; Gary Snyder Fine Arts, New York City; Barbara Toll Fine Arts, New York City; and OH&T Gallery, Boston. His work can be found in numerous public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Strzelec is the former Rudolph Arnheim Lecturer in Sculpture at Harvard University.

David Lynch Double Shot Expresso Ice Bucket Challenge

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David Lynch is David Lynch. So, for him to take the ALS ice bucket challenge you know there has to be a Lynchian spin on the matter with a lot of caffine and some obscure music. 

Snowboarding: Lethal Enough

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"Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough."
- Dave Barry 

Y: A Celebration of Life for Tom Wyroba

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Joseph Beuys: Art and Man

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"Every man
 is an artist."
- Joseph Beuys

Pittzza at Iron Side

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Located in a dynamic "green campus" of innovative mixed use studio, gallery, exhibit, recreation, event and production spaces, all situated within an artfully designed urban setting.

Pittzza at Iron Side / 305.531.5055 / 7580 NE 4th Court Miami, FL 33138 / Hours: 11:30am - 10pm/ Monday-Sunday

Being Cuban.

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Robin Williams paid $75,000 and a Picasso painting for Aladdin

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Robin Williams, Disney and a Late Picasso. 
Robin Williams was only paid $75,000 to do the voice work in the 1992 film Aladdin Under the condition his voice would not be used in advertising to sell products for the movie. 

When the film broke $200 million at the box office, Disney broke their promise to Williams.

Robin Williams was very upset with Disney. A few years later Disney to make good gave Williams a late Picasso painting (not the one in the photo) 

Williams never fully forgave Disney.  

3 Things you may not know about Robin Williams and the aftermath of the Disney film Aladdin. 

One Lesson to Learn About Obama

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As Ferguson was burning, Obama was partying all night with rich old white people.