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Black Cat - Paper Cut Out Style

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Simple Can Scare You

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It's funny how today for Halloween people wear the craziest costumes and make up to appear scary, yet back in the day someone can just put on some sheets look like a mixture of the KKK and a ghost and really scare a motherfucker. 

Simple, Yet


Bill and Ted Phone Booth

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Felix Baumgartner's Winning Space Jump

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Wendy's Changes Logo!

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How Dare They! 

Wendy's Changes Logo and Branding. 


 Wendy’s, which has reported same-store sales increases for the past five quarters, is on the up-and-up, he said, but there’s always room for improvement. New Wendy’s locations won’t just have a new logo — they’ll also feature Wi-Fi access, fireplaces and digital menu boards.


The brand is also introducing a Mobile Nutrition smartphone app that is designed to allow consumers to customize meals and more easily calculate their calorie intake.


Wendy’s is in the process of changing a whole lot about the company — from introducing new menu items to remodeling stores and crafting an updated logo for the brand.

The changes are all part of a process to help the quick-service restaurant chain “leap frog” over its competition, said Craig S. Bahner, chief marketing officer at Wendy’s Restaurant Group.



“Consumers have raised the bar, and we have to meet that bar,” he said. “[The restaurant remodel] is part of a broader campaign that includes the new uniforms and the logo we announced today. It has the advertising component and also marketing, including our digital program and menu innovations.”

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Joe Biden as Crypt Keeper during the Debate?

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Hot vs. Hot

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Outtakes Paul Ryan Working Out (lol)

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Outtakes from Time Magazine/ Paul Ryan photo shoot that was inspired by his Facebook photos showing him working out with P90X creator Tony Horto - Via: Time

Killer Rice Wine in Vietnam

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Posion hooch has killed 66 people in the last five years in Vietnam and affected another 183 people in a total of 196 cases, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported Thursday.

Ho Chi Minh City and the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai together accounted for almost a third of the cases, it said quoting a report by the Vietnam Food Administration.

Most of the deaths were caused by ruou de (glutinous and non-glutinous rice wines) with high methanol content and rice wine made using poisonous herbs, the report said.

Vietnam has 328 units, including family-run ones, producing a total of 360 million liters of rice wine a year, it said. 


Moonshine (Rice wine made with deadly herbs) kills 66 in Vietnam since 2007 

Ouija Board - Access to Unconscious Mind

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Canadian researchers have come up with an unconventional technique for investigating the unconscious using a Ouija board—a wooden board marked with the words “yes” and “no.”


The University of British Columbia (UBC) team hopes to apply what they learn to make things like planes, cars, and objects in the home more intuitive and safer to use.


“Most people think they have complete control of their minds, but they are wrong,” said study co-author Ron Rensink in a press release. “The truth is, we perform thousands of unconscious mental and physical tasks every day.”


Rensink gives driving as the perfect example: “In many cases, we are navigating through dangerous situations, thinking only about what we want for dinner,” he explained. “We get home and often remember very little about the trip.”


The researchers found that people gave more accurate responses when guessing the answers to questions with a Ouija board (65 percent) versus answering verbally (50 percent). In contrast, when participants thought they knew the answer, both response types had almost equal accuracy.


“These surprising findings suggest we have a powerful ‘second intelligence’ resting beyond our conscious minds that can be accessed under the right conditions,” said study co-author Hélène Gauchou in the release.


Investigation: Unconscious Mind

using the Ouija Board 

Halloween Fun Facts

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The kids watch the opening of Thing From Another World, The (1951) on TV. Carpenter would later re-make this film himself in 1982 as Thing, The (1982).

Halloween was shot in 21 days in the spring of 1978. Made on a budget of $300,000, it became the highest-grossing independent movie ever made at that time.

According to screenwriter/producer Debra Hill, the character of Laurie Strode was named after John Carpenter's first girlfriend.

Inside Laurie's bedroom there is a poster of a painting by James Ensor (1860-1949). Ensor was a Belgian expressionist painter who used to portray human figures wearing grotesque masks.

Halloween takes place primarily in fictional Haddonfield, Illinois. Haddonfield, NJ is the home town of screenwriter Debra Hill.

The performance of Halloween's musical score is credited to "The Bowling Green Philharmonic." There is no Philharmonic in Bowling Green. The "orchestra" is actually John Carpenter and assorted musical friends.


Since the movie was actualy shot in spring, the crew had to buy paper leaves from a decorator and paint them in the desired autumn colors, then scatter them in the filming locations. To save money, after a scene was filmed, the leaves were collected and reused.

Due to its shoestring budget, the prop department had to use the cheapest mask that they could find in the costume store: a William Shatner mask, from the movie "The Devil's Rain." They later spray-painted the face white, teased out the hair, and reshaped the eyeholes

cool facts and it shows you don't need a big budget to make a horror classic. 

When Kermit the Frog Meets Vincent Price

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Kermit Meets Vincent 

Make Do and Mend.

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For Those About To Rock!!

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Curated by Alison Gingeras, Jonathan Horowitz and Anna McCarthy, the exhibition will be a conjectural exploration of American identity politics against the backdrop of this year's political debates.


October 3–November 17, 2012

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Project Space

455 West 19th Street

New York, NY 10011

11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday–Saturday

Free admission


Curated by Alison Gingeras, Jonathan Horowitz and Anna McCarthy

We the People will create a diorama of the American populace using strategically chosen examples of figurative painting, sculpture, and photography. Works from American artists of older generations―including Romare Bearden, George 

Segal, Margaret Bourke-White, Alice Neel, Duane Hanson, Alex Katz, and Robert Rauschenberg—will be installed in cacophonous dialogue with works by a younger generation of artists—Tina Barney, Fred Wilson, Elizabeth Peyton, Barkley L. Hendricks, Nicole Eisenman, and Danny McDonald.  This exhibition includes new works made for the show by artists Nate Lowman, Julio Cesar Morales, Richard Phillips and Swoon.

Left, Norman Rockwell, Four Freedoms-Freedom from Want, 1943 and right, Danny McDonald, Restricted Access to Medical Care (The Mummies), 2008

Painting Above: Richard Phillips 

Ice Cream Company Faces Scruity Over Slur

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“It was wrong. I screwed up,” Matt Schaeffer, president of Wilcoxson’s Livingston Ice Cream, was quoted as saying by NBC News. “I don't want to be the one who took down a 100-year old company because I made a stupid comment. If necessary, I will resign.”


The row started after a Muslim customer asked about the company’s cookies and cream-flavored ice cream containing gelatin.“Does it contain pork? I am a Muslim and love your ice cream and when I read it today I was shocked,” the customer wrote on Wilcoxson’s Facebook page.


“I look forward to you writing me back. Thank you. If possible, if it does have pork gelatin please tell me what flavors do so I can avoid them thanks again.”


Relying to the question, Schaeffer wrote “We don’t deliver outside of Montana, certainly not Pakistan.”The Muslim customer replied that the comment was “rude” for assuming he lived in Pakistan. “What are u talking about!!??? I think. ur comment is rude to assume I live in Pakistan,” the customer wrote.


“Just because of your ignorance, I won’t buy your ice cream and definitely won’t recommend it.”Justifying his comment, Schaeffer argued that he was tired and did not see the customer’s address.“There was a map on his Facebook page with a map of Pakistan, with a balloon in the center,” Schaeffer said.


An American ice cream maker has plunged into hot waters after making a racist reply to a question by a Muslim customer about whether the company’s product contains pork.

Source: OnIslam 

Bridget Blonde

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so, so so word! Hot. 

Australian Government Killing Sharks to Prevent Attacks

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Australian Premier Colin Barnett  announced the $6.85 million plan of package of new "shark mitigation" strategies aimed at, "reducing the risk of shark attacks against Western Australian beachgoers." The funding will be added to a similar $13.65 million shark mitigation plan announced last year.


$2 million of the funding will fund a program for the Department of Fisheries to, "track, catch and, if necessary, destroy sharks identified in close proximity to beachgoers." NBC news reports: "[Barnett] announced Thursday that any great white sharks seen near beachgoers would be killed in order to prevent attacks on humans."


There have been five deaths connected to shark attacks this year in Western Australia; 12 shark fatalities have been recorded in the area over the last 100 years, according to NBC news.

"We will always put the lives and safety of beachgoers ahead of the shark," Barnett told ABC radio.


"This is, after all, a fish — let's keep it in perspective."

Shark Attack Provention: 


The Australian government will start killing sharks on its western coast in order to prevent shark attacks.

Derick James - Comic Tattoo Illustration

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Old meets new in this unique set of tattoo flashes by illustrator Derick James. James puts his own modern spin on traditional tattoo flash designs by representing pop culture icons including characters from Star Wars, Batman, and yes, even Pokemon. He is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and is now based in Chernobyl, Ukraine.



Derick James takes traditional tattoo imagery and brings a little DC/Marvel Comics into the fray. 

Via: Juxtapoz 



Jonathan Stein: The Art of Bling

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Jonathan's art has appeared in countless publications and he has had solo and group shows within the United States, Europe, and Latin America.  Jonathan is a staple artist in Scope Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach for over 7 years.





























 Noted for his philanthropic commitment to aiding pediatric cancer patients, Stein has worked with celebrities like Katy Perry and noted companies like Gibson Guitar, Office Depot, Nascar and Remy Martin Cointreau to benefit children in distress.






















Jonathan Stein currently serves as the Creative Director of Drops of Hope, Inc. a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization in South Florida that provides free specialized services to pediatric cancer patients in serious financial need.

Jonathan Stein was born in Bronx, New York and classically trained in fine art production from Boston University, with a B.F.A. in Art Education and Art History. A South Florida based conceptual artist well versed in sculpture, painting, site specific installation, photography and video installation, Stein asserts that the "concept dictates what medium I work in.” Offering bold social statements cleverly concealed behind sparkling Swarovski crystal veneers or faux sugary frosting, Stein's work asks an audience to "indulge" in his imagery that excites the mind, intrigues the eye and tempts the stomach.

view more works right here