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Coming Soon Pt. 1

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 Vintage 70s Lillie Rubin Copper Sequin Jacket

Vintage 80s Jordache Cut-Out Swimsuit

Shot these items and some other pieces for the eBay store yesterday, which is undergoing a major renovation so please bare! They aren't in the store just yet, but they will be by Friday the latest.
If you are new to this blog or to me in general, then you should know that Indie Queen Vintage has been around for almost 5 years now. Between school and traveling I just never had the time to take proper care of my little vintage shop. But it's time to step it up! The store will carry items that I love, which are usually on the funkier, unusual side.  Items that I've been hoarding away for some time and I'm ready to pass these jewels onto other Indie Queens. You can expect sparkly vintage clothing, costume jewelry, bags and fun accessories like leather bags and belts. Only the highest quality and most wearable pieces make the cut into the store. Strictly vintage fit for a queen, a daring, sophisticated Indie Queen.


 Vintage 80s Gottex Swimsuit

 Vintage 80s Sequin Tunic