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Queen of Kitsch Couture

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(Dolce & Gabanna tulle outfit, Larry Vrba necklace and tiara from C. Madeleine's 

Chanel pumps, 80s denim shorts, vintage silk american flag shirt Indie Queen's own, rhinestone necklace , tiara and bracelets from C. Madeleine's 

vintage Lolita Lempicka tulle skirt from C. Madeleine's, tights from Wal-Mart, 70s fetish heels, 80s rhinestone bustier from C. Madeleine's, 80s moto jacket, rhinestone stretch bracelets and pearl necklace by Larry Vrba from C. Madeleine's, star tiara)

Styled by Valerie Duardo
Photography by Alfred J. Barerra
Hair and Makeup by Jay Fierce
Model: Sarah Dos Santos

Some fun shots from last week's photoshoot inspired by this 'indie queen' print on a vintage Moschino dress. The shoot concept was simple: have the model run around the shady streets of Miami's art district in a tiara and heels you can break an ankle in. A little bad attitude and glam rock make a for some fabulous pictures.

The American Queens
from right: Daphne Guinness, Polly Jean Harvey, Angelina Jolie, Lydia Hearst

Madonna the Snow Queen as illustrated by the fabulous Leonid Gurevich

Queen of Kitsch Couture