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Kayla-Jane Danger

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Hey friends, wow I'm so excited that we got Kayla-Jane Danger. She's extremely sexy folks. She really takes the modeling all over the place. In ways you don't always see ;-) . Wow, she's on so many sites and some of the things you'll find her do will make your mouth drop! Let's just say she loves showing off what her momma gave her! Enjoy the interview everyone, pretty in-depth. Thanks to Kayla-Jane for being so cool about it. When I asked her to do it, she said "Fuck yeah." That's what I like to hear. - Sexy Riot

Exclusive interview

Is your last name really Danger? Whats dangerous about you?

For the last 5 years my last name has been Danger ... I got the name The Danger Doll because I can morph myself into any look or style to fulfill fantasies.

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done in modeling?

Hmm... In modeling I tend to do a lot of crazy flexibility or strength poses, and occasionally I will do these poses on top of very unstable or high objects, this can be dangerous!

Okay enough "Danger" for now, you dabble in a lot of different kind of shoots, what genre is your favorite?

Its really hard to say. As I said above, I got my name from changing my looks drastically, being able to adapt, take on new characters and all that. At the end of the day I really love the more natural shoots because I get to express MYSELF, while I still absolutely love when I get to be someone completely different - it is always nice being able to shoot as myself.

How did you get into fetish? Is it for business or does that sorta thing trickle down to the bed room for you.

I guess it depends what fetishes you are talking about. I have been into kink (mostly bondage, latex, corsets, high heels, nylons, feet, spanking, electroplay etc) for a long time ... some well before I was legally allowed to perform. Once I started performing for fetish websites, and shooting fetish themes for myself, more and more opportunities for me to explore new fetishes arose and I took them on. I love learning about new fetishes, the ins and outs and what makes those fetishists tick. At the end of the day I believe everyone (no matter what they are into) deserve to have a sexy and competent performer who knows how to truly fulfill their fantasies.

You have certain limitations on what you do in front of the camera, why?

Yes I do. I have been in this industry since I was 18, my mentor is a pornstar as are many of my friends. I leave the hardcore work to them. For me, the erotica I shoot is always a true sexual exploration. I want to test the limits of tease and erotica without throwing it in your face. Not to mention its nice to keep some secrets.

Is it hard finding and maintaining a boyfriend in the modeling business?

I have had boys/men in the past who couldn't handle what I do, or the idea that their friends can see my pussy on the internet... their loss. I feel very lucky I have been dating my current boyfriend for over 2 years, we live together and are madly in love. He supports my work and that is all I need.

I know you are pretty hyped about your new website coming out, give us a scoop on it

Okay, so as you know - my current website ( is the official fetish site for my lower half - so it really focuses on my feet, legs, ass and all the accessories and what not that comes with. My new website has really been 5 years in the making. It is my "Official Erotic & Fetish site". It is launching with thousands of pictures and a handfull of video ranging from soft natural erotica to glamour to kink. There is literally something for everyone on this site. I have worked with some of the industries best photographers, videographers, and other hot female models to make this site everything you could ask for!

Of our past issues of Sexy Riot, which model catches your eye the most that you wouldn't mind shooting with?

I have actually worked with Dayna Delux before for Coffin Case, and I have talked to Vanessa and Jamie about shooting - but as you know Jamie doesn't take off her clothes :( bummer.

How did you get into tattoos? Has it gotten you more work or less, has it mattered?

I started getting tattooed at the age of 15 and as most do I fell in love. Honestly I can't say if I would have more or less work without them. I have certainly gotten turned down for them, but I have gotten plenty of work I am sure I wouldn't have gotten without them. Plenty of people still book me for "tattooless" work and they just cover them or photoshop them out. I really don't care either way.

Any print work coming up?

YES, I just graced the cover of LA Weekly (for the week of apr 29- may 6) and I have a multi page spread in the August issue of Hustler's Taboo with my good friend Melodie Gore.

Your featured on many sites for many different reasons, tell us about some of them

Oh goodness... well you can thank Joanna Angel from for getting me naked in the first place. I have known Joanna long before I turned 18, so when it happened she had me jump in front of the camera and make magic happen. I have continued to shoot for them for the past 6 years and love every minute. In 2005 I started another website which I have since left and have no affiliation with so I will not mention their name. I have worked with a lot of different sites but will not be shooting for anyone but myself and handfull of contributing sites such as &

Craziest place you ever had sex?

On a chairlift while on a snowboarding trip.

Where's your favorite place ever?

This is really hard, I have done a lot of traveling in my life to some really amazing places, but I think I would have to say that after my bed, Santo Vanuatu is my favorite place on earth. Amazing scaba diving, wonderful people, great weather, black and pink sand beaches ... the whole package. The first time I visited Vanuatu and Fiji I was supposed to be gone 3 weeks and I stayed 6 months.

Tell us more about your personal life, share something with us that many don't know on the internet!

Well, I am a total homebody. People think I am some kind of party animal, but I am not. Don't get me wrong, I worked in night clubs starting when I was 15 but I would much rather sit at home working and watching law & order and cooking for my man than being out watching people get shitty. I go to Las Vegas a lot for work (I have a studio there) and people always think Im going to show up at a club, when in reality I rarely leave my hotel room unless I am shooting.

What are you gonna do today after this interview?

Go to "my office" which is a cafe down the street that makes amazing lattes and get to work on the final touches of

Dirty feet or stinky feet?

Dirty Feet (although personally I am a freak for clean feet and brand new fresh clean SOCKS!

Do you watch porn, if so who's your favorite pornstar?

My favorite pornstar has always been my business and life mentor Joanna Angel. I think she makes the best, most entertaining and engaging porn. Its not all bullshit and harsh lights, fake boobs, fake tans, and an overly roided cast of dudes. She makes epic porn, and I love the faces she makes when she fucks!

Did you go to school for art?

Yes ...I actually went to 2 schools for fashion design, fine arts and illustration ... Parsons in NYC and Otis in LA.

You look very Spanish, do people ever confuse you for being from any exotic places?

Hahah ... Most people say I look Italian, either way both wrong. I am FRENCH mostly, with some mutt mixed in. I love the genes my parents gave me.

When do you want to get married? ever?

For someone like me who grew up questioning if I would end up with a man or a woman, I am still very traditional when it comes to marriage, I always wanted to be married (to whomever it would be). My partents have been married nearly 30 years and are still on their first marriage. This is rare to find, but I hope my marriage is as happy and fulfilling as theirs. Im sure when the time comes everyone will know who that lucky person is.

I am a total homebody. People think I am some kind of party animal, but I am not. Don't get me wrong, I worked in night clubs starting when I was 15 but I would much rather sit at home working and watching law & order and cooking for my man than being out watching people get shitty.

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