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Kreepy Lourdes

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Hell of a chat:

I first came across Ms. Lourdes, not by that talent of her tattoo business, not by her modeling pictures! I actually met her while I was tipsy drunk one evening at the famous Foutainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach. I was taken aback by her striking beauty and her badass tattoos. She had an intimidating feeling about her but she was quite nice. I even proposed to her to marry me, but I was turned down. Enjoy the chat zombies!

Kreepy Lourdes

How did you get involved into modeling, where has it taken you so far?

I got involved with modeling after i began getting tattooed. I like collecting old stuff I'd find in thrift and vintage stores so it mostly started with that... I created my own style.

You are big into tattoo culture, what was the first tat you got? What got you into it?

Yes I am. I do tattoos for a living, so I eat, sleep, and breathe the tattoo culture. It’s truly a romance. The first tattoo I got was for my 15th birthday. A tramp stamp! I just chose something off the wall, I just wanted to experience the process of getting tattooed, and wanted to chose something quick... I was afraid my mom would change her mind and drag me out of the tattoo shop!

You do tattoo art as well, tell us about that and your shop you work from

I work at True Love Tattoo in Margate, Florida. I've been tattooing for about 2 years now. I work with some of the best artists in all of south Florida. Come by sometime! 1400 N State Road 7.

How many do you have?

Not sure, probably 30 or 40 tattoos. I don’t really keep count!

Any plans for any new tattoos, if so what are you planning on getting next?

I dont really plan my tattoos. But the last tattoo I did plan was in honor of my favorite singer. I have a crazy obsession with Morrissey. So I got a pocket watch with a banner that says "How soon is now", which is one of my favorite Morrissey songs.

Is there anything you won't do in front of the camera? if so what?

umm I'm pretty comfortable with myself. so I like to produce eye catching images with creative people. as long as it doesnt transfer into something raunchy, I'm all for it! I've had the chance to work with some amazing artists all over the country. I'm grateful!

Does it end with modeling in front of the camera? Where would you like to take it?

I would say it does. tattooing is my main priority. I model because its a fun experience and the feedback I receive is always positive. People always want to see more. So yea, I'll give it to them! But tattooing has my heart 110%.

You grew up in Miami, but live in Ft. Lauderdale now? Where's the best place to get a tattoo in Miami other then your shop?

I started tattooing at Ochoplacas tattoo on 8th street in Miami. Those guys over there are beyond amazing. The shop was opened by the late Jose Luis Carrera, who was one of my mentors and one of the people who taught me to tattoo. he recently passed away, so
if you cant make it to Fort Lauderdale, definitely go see them. Best shop in Miami!

Who are some of the photographers you work with, how is each shoot different?

I've worked with Viva Van Story, Shannon Brooked, Frank DeBlase, Roy Varga and several others. Every shoot is different every time. Our moods change. The settings change. the themes change. i have a different relationship with each and try to create an awesome photo with our chemistry. I believe timing is everything.


You are Latina? Where from? Are there many latin women like you that do the type of modeling you do? if so anyone you admire in general?

Yes i am Latina. I was Born in Venezuela. my father is cuban and my mother is Venezuelan. I dont beleive there are many latina pinup models over here on the East Coast, but over on the west, there are several latina pinups that come out with great stuff!

What do you do on your past time?

I like to travel. any time that I can hop on a plane, I will. It's the best feeling to get off that plane and smell the difference in the atmosphere. I believe that a change of scenery does great things for the mind.

Where can people see more pictures of your sexy self?

I'm working on a website, but for now I have a myspace where most of my work can be seen:

How many guys have proposed to you?

haha, I should keep track of those proposals... but I don’t!

Any tattoos you regret? If so which one and why

ha-ha NO REGRETS! Well I am removing the tattoos i have on my chest; I will be covering them up soon. The only thing I regret is not doing my research and getting tattooed by someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

"I am removing the tattoos I have on my chest, i will be covering them up soon. the only thing I regret is not doing my research and getting tattooed by someone who didn't know what they were doing." - Kreepy Lourdes