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12 Crazy Coca Cola Facts

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1. Coca-Cola was first made in the colour green!

2. It used to contain cocaine up until 1905, when it was removed due to public concern.

3. It was originally made to cure hangovers and headaches.

4. In Chinese, the name Coca-Cola means "to make mouth happy".

5. If all the Coca-Cola bottles in the world were stacked end to end, they would reach to the Moon and back more than 1,677 times.

6. In one night, a bottle of Coca-Cola can soften a tooth.

7. Coca-Cola is very good at cleaning up blood spots, and is often used in the States to clean blood off from the roads after an accident!

8. Coca-Cola can be used to remove grease from clothes! It's as simple as emptying a can of coke into a load of greasy clothes, adding the detergent, and run through a regular cycle.

9. A bottle of Coca-Cola has a PH scale of 2.8, and could dissolve a nail in just 4 days

10. Coca-Cola released a 'Diet Coke with Bacon' flavour!

11. Another less known flavour that Coca-Cola released was the "Coca-Cola BlāK". This was a coffee flavoured soft drink, released in 2006 in France. Sadly this was short lived, and Coca-Cola discontinued the production in 2008.

12. Coca-Cola even helped create the modern image of Santa!

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