I like horror, classic, brand new, grindhouse horror and goth chicks and pin up girls. yeah!
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I haven’t seen this film since…well the 1980’s when it came out. Maybe I’m lying…it’s been on TV since then plenty of times but it was always in the background for me. I have not watched it objectively since the Reagan days. Well, a few nights ago I decided to give it a try on Netflix.


I heard many things from many different people. Like, it didn’t age well…it’s more cheesy then ever, etc etc. The night I watched it, I didn’t mind for cheese so I got plenty of it. But honestly, overall it wasn’t such a bad film. I didn’t realize how hot Jami Gertz was back then. Wow. It was just a clever movie, and still is in some ways. Kiefer Sutherland makes a great villain.  If you can get past the cheesiness of it; it’s a pretty well made vampire film! I also forgot that Cory Haim’s brother in the movie was half vampire that’s why he slept all day and wore sunglasses all the time.  I loved that!




(This is not a review, just some thoughts)