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Chasing Your Dream Girl

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Chase Your Dream Girl. 

don't let anything stop you.

Some guys make a lot of money. Some guys are broke and pissed off about it. This life we have choices. We also have some choices in love. At least in the beginning part of it. In a nutshell fellas, go after your dream girl. It's pretty damn simple. Are you going to keep sitting on the sideline? Are you gonna keep letting the girl at the supermarket (that you know is single) just walk by?


Most (good hearted women) love confidence. You have confidence don't you? You have the confidence to get in your car everyday. Do you know how dangerous it is to drive? But, you have the confidence to do that every single day to go to a job you might not enjoy. Think about it for a second. Pull your balls out of your ass for once and do something you don't do everyday, and do it naturally. Go after that girl!