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Free Ownzee Stickers!!!

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the Secret Recipe of Coke is here

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This is where Coca-Cola keeps its Secret

And I want in :)

Spend your money wisely

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Money is meant to be spent

Ownzee Stickers

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The Stickers are in...

... who wants one!

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Design and UX is the new IP by Ron Conway

Posted 2011-10-30 20:49:17 | Views: 16,076

"Design and user experience is the new intellectual property."

-Ron Conway Startup School 2011

Photo via preona

This is Halloween

Posted 2011-10-08 08:57:25 | Views: 17,678

This is Halloween

Via reddit

Steve Jobs will be missed

Posted 2011-10-05 18:44:50 | Views: 14,826

The inspiration for Ownzee came from looking at the amazing product pages of Apple.
Thank you Steve Jobs for helping us all Think Different.

Paul Graham is amazing ycnyc

Posted 2011-09-27 20:39:02 | Views: 16,577

Do stuff that doesn't scale

YCNYC was a really cool experience, I got to see, hear and meet the people behind some amazing things happening on the Internet.

You can read up on most of what happen at YCNYC on TechCrunch or whatever but the highlight for me was at the end. Most of the YC alums were haning around, talking and being friendly, all you had to do was approach them.

Paul Graham was as impressive as his reputation suggest. He was doing office hours with everyone. At one point he must have had 50 people around him, Rock start style haha.


I stood in the crowd for like 20 mins til he looked over, reached out his hand for a shake and nodded his head to show he was ready to listen. I told him about Ownzee and it was amazing how quickly he understood and got to the core of the idea. Getting advice from one of the heavy hitters of Silicon Valley was amazing. All in all, I was impressed, great event, great people and a fun time.

Cool like the 70s

Posted 2011-09-21 21:28:52 | Views: 16,359

Nothing is cool like 70's cool.

humby is short for humberto

Posted 2011-09-16 23:37:47 | Views: 14,444

Im starting to notice my name (minus the H) in alot of places...

5 star Restaurant

da Umberto in NYC