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All day every day

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Kentucky Theater

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Leica Coral Gables

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Some film shots of the Leica store at night
I was getting ice cream with my family in Coral Gables and had Portra 800 loaded in my Nikon F6. When we were about to head home I remembered that the Miami Leica store was near by. I wanted to take a film photo of the Leica store so we walked over. That red dot! So simple and nice it even makes the store look fancy. It was closed at the time. Maybe one day I'll own one and be fancy.
Whats better then a Leica, two Leica's

Orange Flower

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Kodak Gold 200

Eagle through fence

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Eagle on Kodak Gold 200
If you look closely you’ll see vertical and horizontal lines of distortion. I photographed this through a chain link fence. I used my VR zoom lens maxed out at 85mm.

Shorty's BAR-B-Q

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Neon Bar-B-Q
Lomo 800 film - Nikon F6 - VR Lens
Dadeland-South Dixie 

Parked outside Seed to Table

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Japanese Daihatsu Atrai TurboXX shot on Kodak Ektar 100
Seed to Table Parking lot Naples, Florida

Miami landmark photo spot

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Miami's Big Red M
This huge M is awesome. It's not in a very visible area unfortunately. If you take the metro mover you might not even notice it. It has a yellow gator drawn on the floor. This should really be replicated in a better location and turned into a landmark photo spot of Miami.

Sharp and colorful

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Lomo 800 - Nikon F6 - Voigtlander 40mm f/2

Light Trails

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Light Trails in the City
Kodak Tri-x 400 Nikon f80