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Another cool reason I love Alaska Airlines!

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are the new flight manuals on

I first rode Alaska air (2005-ish) on my first of many trips to Seattle and they are awesome. The crew was awesome and they had these digeplayer things that you could rent for 10 bucks. It was basically a hard drive with a display that had a ton of movies and tv shows. This was back in the day and I was really impressed. 

Great people + awesome technology = an awesome airline!

Alaska Air


The FAA has approved the iPad for flight charts and maps and now Alaska Air is hopping on board!

New Muppets movie - "Green With Envy" - Trailer

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Oh Yeah the Muppets are back! Via Disney

Never admit failure, more so when you're a crazy

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"Thus, we must realize that October 21, 2011 will be the final day of this earth’s existence."
— Harold Camping

End of times?

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Its the end of the world

on May 21, 2011 around 6pm ;)

Imagine this was your house!!!

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Mississippi Floodwaters!

This is crazy! This guy isnt going anywhere!

 via the Atlantic

How to use Ownzee

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Holy Cow Look at this thing... haha

Super Secret Stealth Helicopter That Was Used to Catch Bin Laden…

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What Kind of Helicopter is This?!?

This is straight out of the awesome book... Apparently a new kind of super secret stealth helicopter was used in the raid to catch Bin Laden. I know I’ve never seen a tail of a helicopter that looks like this.

Osama Bin Laden Killed!

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God Bless America

Code, or DIE!

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I'm de kooning in nyc

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“I might work on a painting for a month, but it has to look like I painted it in a minute.”

De Kooning quote on painting