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Black Cat Superstition

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Black Cat Superstition Origin: Egypt

The worst phase for the black cats came after Egyptian dominance.

  • This could be probably due the later rulers that shunned everything that was Egyptian. As breaking the cultural shield is the first route to setting up a new dominance, later empires might have tried to break the belief system and thus induce new hatred which later, through generations, transformed into superstitions.
  • The origins of this old superstition can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where the Goddess Bast was represented as a black cat. People began to fear black cats because they associated them with the Goddess getting angry with them and causing problems.

Black Cat Myth: Variations Across Geography

Depending on the place one stays, there are various superstitions pertaining to the cats. While in USA or several European countries, a black cat crossing your path is considered unlucky, in places such as Britain and Japan, it is considered lucky.