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10 Movies to see this Halloween

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Deep Red (1975) – A psychic is murdered. It's up to the musician that witnessed her murder and a tenacious reporter to find her killer.


Black Christmas (1974) – This film is considered to be the very first “Slasher” movie. A lewd phone call is the catalyst to a string of murders. 


Behind the Mask: The rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) – In this sometimes hilarious, sometimes thrilling movie, a documentary film crew follows around a man who is taking all the steps necessary to become the next psycho killer legend.


Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers (1988) – Michael Meyers awakens after ten years to hunt for his seven-year-old niece, and kill anyone who gets in the way.


Cabin in the Woods (2011) – Cabin in the Woods is a twist on the genre that will leave true fans awed by how the film deals with common horror archetypes.


Demons (1985) – Talk about claustrophobic. A group of people are trapped inside a theater as demons — who try to kill and posses their victims — continue to amass in numbers.


Return of the Living Dead (1985) – This is horror-comedy at its finest. Watch as a group of teens and medical supply employees try to fight off a horde of the undead. BRAAAAIIIIINNNNSSSS!!!


Sleepaway Camp (1983) – A shy, quiet girl is sent off to summer camp with her cousin in this Friday the 13th clone with a truly shocking surprise ending.
















They Live (1988) – A pair of mysterious sunglasses allows a unemployed construction worker the ability to see the propaganda that is being fed to the people, as well as the creatures behind it.


Dead Alive (1992) – Directed by Peter Jackson, of Lord of The Rings fame, this film centers around the un-deadly effects of the Sumatran rat-monkey’s bite.

10 Movies To See This 


In the spirit of Halloween, a local aspiring horror-movie writer shares his picks for the most terrifying, thrilling, funny — and less obvious — fright films. You won't find The Exorcist here.