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“City officials are still leaning toward this being a natural phenomenon.

“It could be based on the weather, being so warm, being warm early, whether we’ve had less rain, whether there’s things within our ground water, our bedrock below the surface, things like that that could be adjusting that would create these sort of noises,” City Administrator Lisa Kuss said.”


The latest news: “There are reports of more booming sounds 80 miles away. Police in Montello are now investigating similar sounds.”


NBC 15 News Video Report, March 21, 2012:

“It’s the talk of the town in Montello today, a loud rumble last night that was apparently loud enough to shake walls and rattle windows. Last night the police department received several reports of loud noise and a loud rumble around 5:30. Police say they are investigating.”


The “Big Story” in Wisconsin: mystery booms appeared in a second town Tuesday night. The still unexplained phenomena heard by residents in Montello, Wisconsin, 80 miles southwest of Clintonville, the location of mystery booms or ‘blasts’ and shaking that have frightened residentsthree nights in row beginning Sunday night. Ruled out as the cause of the mystery booms and ground shaking in Clintonville: mining, the military, earthquakes, sewer gas, and anything caused by humans. The current theory: the granite bedrock beneath the town is the culprit. Other theories in the comment sections of news reports: The mystery booms are caused by ‘HAARP’, a ‘sinkhole’ beneath Clintonville, or, ‘giant earthworms’.

Mystery Booms, Ground Shaking in Second Wisconsin Town