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$16,382 for Cherry Pie!

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Would you pay over $16,000 for


 Cherry Pie Auction Sets Another Record

The 38th Annual Cherry Pie Auction was again a record setting event according to David Withers of the City of Brownwood Parks and Recreation Department.


“Last year we set a new record at $15,590.00, this year we set a new record at $16,382.00,” Withers said.


The Cherry Pie Auction was held Saturday, from 9:00am-12:00 noon at the Adams Street Community Center.  According to Withers, there were over 126 auction items donated by businesses and individuals.  Several hundred people were estimated to have visited the Cherry Pie Auction this year. Good people, but crazy people for some good ol' cherry pie. That must be some good ass cherry pie, or people in this town really want to help out or must be really fuckin' bored. Cheers to them!


Who remembers the Cherry Pie girl from that Warrant music video?