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Happy Halloween Kim Kardashian

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Happy Bootyween!

Oh Kim, I don't really care for your TV show or any of the products you sell. I'm a dude that doesn't shower for a week at a time. So, I don't really care about reality world, because the real reality world stinks and has pimples and blackheads.


But, I couldn't help to notice you filed for divorce right on Halloween! I really feel sorry for your hubby man; I mean damn...what kind of horror story is that for him? Apparently you dumped him because he was lazy. Ah, what did you really expect? He plays basketball...he's a young dude and your married. He got the golden ass, perfect reason to be lazy. He must of felt like he was on top of the mountains, literally. :-)


Anyway, I've compiled a list of costumes Kim KardASSian has worn over the years. I felt it was only the right thing to do. This isn't just a day of ghosts, ghouls and treats. It's a day for single men all over the world to rejoice in the possibly of apple bobbing with you. Well, considering you think a professional athlete is broke...the rest of us can just sort of use fantasies. I'm not speaking for myself though, I prefer women sort of opposite of you.


I have nothing against what you have built; I'm just against what you represent. I have met you before when you first started. I know you’re a good person. But, I just don't trust the girls that look up to you. Because if you think an athlete is broke and can't keep up with your socialite lifestyle, that just might make it harder for regular dudes to keep their high maintenance girlfriends happy.

I think it's sad and funny. I think its an amplifer of what is happening in America. People get dumber and dumber and get caught up in the moment, once the moment is gone they want to end it and not fight to keep things going. It's all about a special day. A day to wear a mask and get attention. Kinda like Halloween. I might be getting too deep. I really just did put these pictures together because Kim is hot...and I know it will bring in thousands of hits to this post. That's the only reason. See, I can be selfish and self centered too. Happy Halloween you worthless much, that I love!!

It was once thought that witches turn into cats to avoid capture from the witch hunters. Just sayin'

Look it's PrinAss Beauty and Captain Ass Sparrow. Looking good!!

Uh-oh, Kim was Poision Ivy this year. I wonder how Kris Humphries feels about that? I never knew of anyone in the middle of a divorce that gets this dressed up for Halloween. Wow, time to be sad? Nope!

Everyone loves Snow White, where's the witches apple? For Kim, the bad apple is marriage.

What a wonder, a wonder indeed. Happy Hallo, ween.

This Jasmine would never date a street rat with no money. Kim wants what that fool to have billions in wishes.