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Hit-and-run toddler passed away

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The hospital states that although they used the best-available resources from military and civilian experts, her injuries were simply too severe. The major cause of death was brain failure, which caused her major organs to shut down. The hospital "deeply regrets the loss, but thanks everyone for their concern and attention."


Our thoughts are with Yueyue's family as they deal with their loss. Outcry over the shocking display of heartless apathy in the double hit-and-run last week will undoubtedly continue as news of Yueyue's death reverberates throughout China.

We'll leave you with this, from an editorial published in ifeng:

This little angel belongs in paradise not in a cold world, right now she will be happy and blessed. She came to this world, let us remember her name, Wang Yue. All the best.

Yueyue, the toddler that sparked an outpouring of sympathy across China and the world this week, passed away this morning at 12:32am. The incredibly sad news was announced by a briefing at the hospital at 8:30am this morning. Yueyue was treated for seven days and nights in intensive care, but despite the best medical treatment available, she simply could not survive her injuries.

Baby Yueyue Passes Away