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To all the Babes

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Gotta love pretty girls with some tattoos and some with not. This is a toast to pretty women everywhere!

...and I know most women don't like to be called babes...but that's why I titled this post that. Because, I love to get women angery. Makes them more sexy...and some women can lie...but most of them like to be angry toward a man. It shows he's not a wimp and will say whatever is on his mind. Women love that.

So, I don't ever have to say sorry unless I did something truly wrong. Women are wonderful because if you are sincere and always ask for forgiveness...if your not a complete asshole a woman will give you another chance. Unlike men...it's not all about looks to women. A fat guy can get a beautiful and smart woman....based on his confidence and pushing to be a better man. I'm not talking about gold digging women or evil women. I'm talking about the creative, smart and caring women that most men look for.

Don't ever think the good women aren't out there. Believe that they are there. If you had shitty wine all of your life...that doesn't mean theres a cellar with some great wine right under your nose. Guys might complain that women have issues and can never make up their minds. Some of that might be true...but we can love them for their imperfections as we hope they love us for ours. So, this is a toast to the mysterious beings with long hair and curves....we toast to you for being different from us and for being the makers of life....and making life more interesting and enjoyable for men.