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Cleverly Cool Drain Plugs

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Scuba Diver Bath Plug-

If you have an unfulfilled dream of becoming a scuba driver than you can somewhat lessen your love by taking this artificial scuba driver into your tub.




Stylish Drain Plugs

Time to step your bathtub game up. This isn't your grandma's house. Here are some great examples of new and improved drain plugs that are funny and stylish.

Streamline Soap Boat and Tub Plug –

Wanna see the boat sailing while bathing then you should go for it. This is expensive somewhat but you can pay for it on the behalf that it adds extreme pleasure in your bath tub.

HELP! Drain Stopper-

It’s a hand needing help and you will love to hold its hand as it’s the most beautiful and funny hand you can ever see.

Suicide Bathtub Plug-

Dangerous intentions yet a lovely plastic man who seems to commit suicide is very helpful in making your mood funny.

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