Nuevas Fundaciones is a group show opening on Sept. 28th at MAS with artists Jel Martinez, Mariana Monteagudo and Kiki Valdes.
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Nuevas Fundaciones - Installation Photos
Posted 2013-10-08 11:28:17 | Views: 9,196
Group Show with Jel Martinez, Kiki Valdes and Mariana Monteagudo at MAS in Wynwood.

Nuevas Fundaciones - Jel Martinez, Mariana Monteagudo, Kiki Valdes
Posted 2013-09-15 14:16:54 | Views: 13,332
NUEVAS FUNDACIONES (Group Show) JEL MARTINEZ - MARIANA MONTEAGUDO - KIKI VALDES In NUEVAS FUNDACIONES, artists Jel Martinez, Kiki Valdes, and Mariana Monteagudo each demonstrate degrees of creating physical embodiments of their own practices. Each communicates through their prime foundations of painting, sculpture, surface layering and color. Beyond various art making differences, there is an underlying aesthetic value each artist possesses that unifies their work in the white box.