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Reverberation Partial lunar eclipse on Film
I loved using the Nikon Lite Touch AF camera and had many positive experiences with it. But, a huge problem started happening with the shutter— it's now stuck. When ever I turn on the camera, everything seems normal, and sometimes it is... But a growing problem keeps happening. The aperture blades are jammed, causing the camera to shut off every time I tried to take a photo.

I attempted to fix the aperture blades, but it quickly became apparent that my Macgyver skills weren't enough for this repair. This photo marks the moment I realized my fix had come to an end. This camera is now dead.
Nikon Lite Touch AF Update
My awesome camera is now totally broken.
Buy another one?
It's more expensive now so probably no. Might try to find something else cheaper.
I lost about two rolls of film before I attempted my last ditch effort to fix it.