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Nikon Lite Touch AF (AF600) Review

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Nikon Lite Touch AF Review
The every day carry point & shoot film camera
This is a fantastic camera and exactly the camera I want to take with me everywhere. I own a few cameras (F6, FM2n, F80s) with awesome lens but I was looking to add a small everyday camera to enhance my iPhone photography. I found this for about 100 bucks on eBay.
Small and Light Weight
This is the smallest film camera I have seen or ever used. I’d say it even smaller than most disposable 35mm film cameras. Disposable are lighter but this one isn’t much heavier. Plus it has a flash!

Thin profile
The lens is retracted when the camera is off. Nothing pokes out so it easily slides into my pocket.

Fixed 28mm
This is a perfect focal length for just about any situation. Indoor, outside, at a desk or table. In the city or out in nature. Even in a car or an elevator. I always prefer it than my iPhone for photos. Unless it’s an immediately needed photo for reference like a parking space # or whatever.
Tiny viewfinder 
The viewfinder is so tiny it’s almost unusable. Sometimes I can’t even find it when I pull up the camera to my face. I painted a white outline on the viewfinder and put a red sticker below it to help my eye find it. The view inside the viewfinder is so tiny its almost pointless to compose. I find myself not bothering to use the viewfinder. I mostly point and shoot off the cuff, that could be a pro feature thou.

Mushy trigger button
The tigger is really mushy. I’ve found it best to use 1 of 2 strategies. Option 1) Press the tigger down so hard with my finger I slightly vibrate the camera from the resistance.  Option 2) Which I find works better, but a lot slower is pushing the trigger down til I feel slight resistance and hold… About 1 second later the camera is like OH OK and fires the shot. Slow but it works and no shakes. 'Nikon Mushy Touch AF' might be a better name for this camera.

LCD Screen
Has no illumination so it’s impossible to see at night.
The Nikon Lite Touch AF (also knows as AF600) has a few other cool features such as Panorama Setting, Slow Flash, Pause Film Rewind, Two Shot Self-Timer and more. Check out the manual 

Sample Photos Taken with the Nikon Lite Touch AF camera
More sample photos taken with the Nikon Lite Touch AF camera
Nikon Lite Touch AF is tiny.
Less than two 35mm boxes wide!
This is an awesome camera that I would buy again.
year later Update
I started having problems taking pictures & nowits broken.