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Rocio Canero's Portraits.

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Born and raised in Madrid (Spain), Rocío Cañero's right hand was made for drawing.
That is something that shines through each and every of her pieces, but also the consequence of hours and hours holding a pen since she was a kid.

That led to studying Illustration in Madrid, to broadening her materials palette to pretty much everything and to start showcasing and developing all that knowledge in advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, still in her hometown.
Then came the big leap to New York City and, after almost two years, now she's back.
Back and, they say, looking for a new home for her art.

Rocío Cañero

Collaborations / Exhibitions

Fast Gallery (Madrid)
Culturaurbana (Madrid, Casa América)
Cartográfica del diseño (Madrid)
Gawker Artists (New York)
New papers (Madrid)
BELIO 029: X10 (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Berlín)
I Love Music (Madrid, Valencia, Gran Canaria)
We Love Sneakers (Madrid, Tenerife, Málaga)
El Beso (Madrid)