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Wendy's Changes Logo!

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How Dare They! 

Wendy's Changes Logo and Branding. 


 Wendy’s, which has reported same-store sales increases for the past five quarters, is on the up-and-up, he said, but there’s always room for improvement. New Wendy’s locations won’t just have a new logo — they’ll also feature Wi-Fi access, fireplaces and digital menu boards.


The brand is also introducing a Mobile Nutrition smartphone app that is designed to allow consumers to customize meals and more easily calculate their calorie intake.


Wendy’s is in the process of changing a whole lot about the company — from introducing new menu items to remodeling stores and crafting an updated logo for the brand.

The changes are all part of a process to help the quick-service restaurant chain “leap frog” over its competition, said Craig S. Bahner, chief marketing officer at Wendy’s Restaurant Group.



“Consumers have raised the bar, and we have to meet that bar,” he said. “[The restaurant remodel] is part of a broader campaign that includes the new uniforms and the logo we announced today. It has the advertising component and also marketing, including our digital program and menu innovations.”

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