by India de Beaufort
I took a trip downtown to stalk my fellow folk.
Dilemma. Do I just get em', or is it slightly unseemly to chase people around with a camera? And so I began the awkward "Hiiii, I have a blog, can I???

Apparently you make friends quickly this way.

Let me introduce you to the women of the fashion district.

When I started my day I got into my car and made a trip I have made many times. I arrived in the LA Fashion District, parked my car in the same place I always park, and headed to Michael Levine, a reasonably priced spot for everything you could possibly need. I did come for fabric, lord knows I can't enter any kind of haberdashery and leave empty handed, but I really came to find some stylish folk. Armed with my Cannon T3i I slowly made my way around the store, more present than I've been in a while, assessing every shopper, waiting for the anti cookie-cutter customer. There she is! I found my first victim. But what to do now? I usually keep to myself in this environment, get what I need and get out, and in a funny way breaking the communication barrier was incredibly liberating. After the first " You have great style, may I????" it only got easier. Before I knew it I was swapping details, having a good old natter and making friends. How incredible! It was like a whole new world, and I loved it. I have a feeling fabric shopping will never be the same. Aren't these girls fab!?

The lovely lady on the far right, tunic and head scarf is Claire Oswalt. She is the co-founder of HOPEWELL . A company that creates Artisan bedding. The spirit of her studio stems from the Hopwellian Exchange System, a Native American trade route through which materials from far and wide are received, turned into handmade products, and traded.  Check out her website HERE