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Robyn isn't Gay

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Robin isn't Gay

no, not him 

this robyn.

Zack Rosen: And you have the biggest gay following here which is great, because American gay music is usually so shitty. I think you’re going to have basically have a gay bar in your audience tonight. Have you noticed that a lot?

Robyn: It’s an obvious part of my audience and it’s always been like that, ever since "Show Me Love." It’s something I’m very aware of and, something I’m connected to because I’ve always been listening to music that’s resonated in gay culture. Unaware of it, too, when I was a kid. Even if I grew up listening to Donna Summer and Sylvester and Erasure, and the things that are typically connected to the gay scene, there are also lots of other artists that I grew up listening to like Prince or Kate Bush.  They are super queer, they are always something I’ve been drawn to, and been connected to. For me… what defines it more is a sense of being an outsider, and that’s what always defines gay culture and gay music.  It’s music that is not afraid to be on the outside looking in, to be on the other side a little.


Zack Rosen: And out of curiosity, for the ladies, any chance you’re not straight?

Robyn: Sorry, I’m straight!


ZR: Well we can’t win ‘em all.

Robyn: No.

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