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“It was wrong. I screwed up,” Matt Schaeffer, president of Wilcoxson’s Livingston Ice Cream, was quoted as saying by NBC News. “I don't want to be the one who took down a 100-year old company because I made a stupid comment. If necessary, I will resign.”


The row started after a Muslim customer asked about the company’s cookies and cream-flavored ice cream containing gelatin.“Does it contain pork? I am a Muslim and love your ice cream and when I read it today I was shocked,” the customer wrote on Wilcoxson’s Facebook page.


“I look forward to you writing me back. Thank you. If possible, if it does have pork gelatin please tell me what flavors do so I can avoid them thanks again.”


Relying to the question, Schaeffer wrote “We don’t deliver outside of Montana, certainly not Pakistan.”The Muslim customer replied that the comment was “rude” for assuming he lived in Pakistan. “What are u talking about!!??? I think. ur comment is rude to assume I live in Pakistan,” the customer wrote.


“Just because of your ignorance, I won’t buy your ice cream and definitely won’t recommend it.”Justifying his comment, Schaeffer argued that he was tired and did not see the customer’s address.“There was a map on his Facebook page with a map of Pakistan, with a balloon in the center,” Schaeffer said.


An American ice cream maker has plunged into hot waters after making a racist reply to a question by a Muslim customer about whether the company’s product contains pork.

Source: OnIslam