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Addictive Craving: Bridget Blonde

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Can't get enough of Bridget Blonde. Her blog is dope too. She updates it like crazy with quality pictures. Always getting you to want more. She's good at that.

You can check out what I'm talking about right here.  


Kicking cravings is all about discipline and goals. I usually always keep a snack of some sort with me (almonds, fruit and nut trail mix, LUNA bar, etc) and some water or coconut water…just in case i start to starve and a meal isn’t in my near future.


I wish i could eat burgers everyday but unfortunately i have to eat a semi-healthy diet to maintain my figure the way i like it.

if you want something bad enough you will do what it takes to have it…even if you can only have one burger and one slice of yummy cake a week. the pay off from your hard work and discipline are way more satisfying then the over-stuffed feeling you get after taking down a whole delicious burger and fries!!! i promise!!!